A subtropical climate and tons of amusements. Perfect trails and a ski season extending into April. These are just a few of the reasons to visit the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort several times a year


Last season, the SOUTHERN SLOPE, where there used to be only a short four-seater Krokus chair-lift, was equipped with a six-seater Edelweiss chair-lift and many new pistes. All of them converge at a single point at the bottom, so there’s no risk for you getting lost. The freeride zone was also extended; there are now gently-sloping fields and forest areas.

Even those who do not plan on skiing should climb up ROSA PEAK. The gondola ride alone is a true adventure: the curves of the Aibga Ridge are spectacular; there is a vast web of skiing tracks that inlace the mountain slopes, and the view is splendid. From the other side of the ridge, you can see the Black See in fine weather. There is a restaurant and a Yeti statue on the ridge top.

102 kilometers of pistes that were designed by the world’s best specialists and an extensive system of artificial snow-making, guarantee splendid skiing from mid-December till mid-April.

The resort is not devoid of gastronomic pleasures, either: restaurants offering European, Russian, Caucasian, Bavarian, Chinese, and even Peruvian cuisines, along with pizzerias, gastrobubs, coffee houses and baker shops, can be found both across the valley and on the mountain. When visiting the mountainous Olympic Village (1100 m), it is worth peeping into the GRUShA restaurant for a sinature dessert made from the indigenous Circassian pear with ice cream.

Rosa Khutor has three SNOW PARKS: the one in the Olympic Village is for beginner free-stylers; higher and more complicated figures are at skiing tracks “Women’s Olympic Slope” and B-52 (pictured); while high-amplitude hills will spring up by April at 1600 m elevation.

HUSKYBAND.CAMP is set up during winter at Elevation 1100 near the lake; there, you can have as much fun as you want exchanging hugs with friendly huskies, taking photos with them, enjoying a husky-powered sled ride and learning the skills of a driver who manages the dogs while standing on the sledges.

Apart from skiing, you can also improve your health here: the rosa springs 4* Balneotherapy Hotel features a spa center, treatment facilities and a well-room with two kinds of mineral water.

Exhibitions, art projects and other events, including English lessons by native speakers and full-scale get-togethers during festivals and completions, are held time and time again at the Flacon 1170 Art Residency. The ground floor hosts a gastro-food-market and a coffee-shop with panoramic windows.

A walk along the Mzymta EMBANKMENT to the peaceful murmuring of the water is a mandatory experience. Hotels, restaurants and shops are lined up the river. During snowfall, the architectural ensemble of the Rosa Valley turns somewhat into a fairy tale; the Town Hall square is especially spectacular. And in dry weather, you can rent a bicycle or longboard.


Published on: September 25, 2018

Text: Elena Vodneva