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Samara has long converted from a small town to a rapidly developing city with a population over 1 million people, one of the ten largest cities in Russia. Founded in the 16th century, the city has preserved its historical buildings well. During Soviet times, it was complimented with monumental architecture, and more recently – with buildings that are often described as “the most” According to Samara locals, here you can find the tallest train station in Europe (over 100 m high) and the largest square in Europe (Kuibyshev Square extends over the entirety of 8 hectares).

The easiest way to get to Samara is by plane. Aeroflot operates direct flights from Moscow to Samara. The flight from the capital to Kurumoch International Airport, situated 35 km north of the city centre, takes 1 hour and 45 minutes

The earlier you buy your tickets, the more you will save, since the best fares sell out first. Another way to save is buying a return ticket.

General flight information Moscow   Samara

Distance between cities

853 km

Time difference in winter

+1 h

Time difference in summer

+ 1 h

Average flight time

1 h 45 m

What to see

The best time to visit Samara is late spring and summer. In July you can swim in the Volga without hesitation. The river is the city’s main “beauty” and the Samara Embankment is the preferred place from which to admire it. The Embankment is famous for its groomed lawns, workout areas, children’s playground, souvenir shops and cafes. Children have a particularly good time here as there are just too many things for them to do. The sites include the 3D ‘Barge Haulers on Volga’ monument, and the painting by Repin executed in bronze that comes alive and changes every minute with the river itself as its backdrop.

Pay a visit to the Observation Point that locals call “vertoletka” (helipad). It is situated in the centre of Samarskaya Luka – the largest and most incredibly beautiful bend of the Volga. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the Zhiguli Mountains. In summer it is perfect here: warm, green, with boats and motor ships going down the river. Make sure you take a ride on one of them.

Off to the museums! Municipal Museum Cosmic Samara can be spotted from afar because there is a real rocket installed next to it. The interactive exhibition will tell you all about life and experiments in space and you can also ‘load up’ on space food at the local shop.

Another small but very atmospheric museum is the Modernist Style Museum situated in the mansion of Alexander Kurlin, a merchant. Here you will find Modernist interiors restored with historical accuracy.

Samara is a perfect place for summer family holidays: children will love the local attractions and entertainment that the embankment has to offer, not to mention the delicious local candy. Additionally, adults can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature and visit unique museums, and of course, taste the famous Zhiguli beer.