Wawel Castle in Krakow. Buy plane tickets to Poland
Warsaw Old Town. Buy plane tickets to Poland
Beaches of Sopot. Buy plane tickets to Poland
Winter in the Tatras. Buy plane tickets to Poland
Polish Soup Zurek. Buy plane tickets to Poland
Wawel Castle in Krakow
Warsaw Old Town
Beaches of Sopot
Winter in the Tatras
Polish Soup Zurek
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Aeroflot operates direct flights to Poland (duration: about 2 hours) that land at Warsaw Chopin Airport, situated 10 km south of the centre of Warsaw. The most affordable option is to buy a round-trip ticket. Please note that the best deals on flights to Poland tend to sell out quickly, so we recommend booking tickets in advance.

Poland is an interesting yet budget-friendly option for a travel adventure.

Generally speaking, the sights in Poland can be broken down into three groups: beautiful cities with a rich history, northern regions with excellent sandy beaches embellished with genuine Teutonic castles and the southern resorts for skiing or bathing.

The country's two main cities are Warsaw and Kraków. The capital's architecture is a delightful juxtapositional of styles and eras. Modern buildings stand alongside historic quarters. Surprisingly, the alleyways of the Old Town so beloved by tourists are, in fact, beautiful reconstructions. The majority of the Warsaw's cultural heritage was destroyed during Second World War. One can only marvel at the patience of the city residents who carefully restored the authentic face of the city using plans and drawings that had been preserved.

Yet, a genuine feel of the Middle Ages reigns in the former royal residence. Here there are mythical legends of witches and alchemists, wonderfully preserved castles and cathedrals from the 13th century. Of course, the centre of attraction is the Krakow's Main Market Square — one of the biggest in Europe. This is the best place to pick up a souvenir: some world-famous sausage, amber jewellery or, maybe, a gnome-hunting set.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is just a 30-minute drive from Krakow. A real underground city with clock towers, corridors decorated with stuccowork, sculptures, and chandeliers. All of this beauty is made by hand from slabs of rock salt. An unbelievable sight! It is no surprise that the Wieliczka Salt Mine has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

There are dozens of cosy little towns with narrow, cobbled streets and a fairy-tale atmosphere in Poland — industrial Łódź with its unusual red-brick façades, the gingerbread houses of Gdańsk, the dwarves playing hide-and-seek in Wrocław («Polish Venice»), the luxurious student town of Lublin or the gastronomic delights of Katowice. The choice is yours.

If you'd prefer to relax on golden sands and admire the sea views, then head for Sopot. Here you will find all you need in a seaside town — colourful houses, a pedestrian promenade with cosy cafes, a fishing wharf and a 30m high lighthouse with a panoramic view. But Sopot's main attraction is its wooden pier, which is the longest on the Baltic coast. In summer, it is packed with people. They come to listen to concerts or watch a film in the open air.

In the winter season, the focus for tourist activity moves to Zakopane. This characterful mountain resort boasts outstanding infrastructure: 50 lifts, a cable car and ski slopes divided into four zones of varying difficulty.

Most of Poland has a mild and pleasant climate. In winter, the temperature rarely drops below zero degrees Celsius while it can go up to +20 °C in summer. A trip to Poland is great at any time of year. You just can't go wrong!