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The beach in Male
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The most convenient way to get to the capital of the Maldives is to take a direct Moscow — Male flight. The best money-saving option is to purchase a round-trip ticket. Flights arrive at Velana International Airport (flight duration: about 9 hours). Please note that the best airfares to Male usually sell out quickly, so we strongly recommend booking tickets in advance.

The Maldives are a little corner of paradise in the Indian Ocean, famous for its impeccable beaches and diving spots. If you decide to take a break from relaxing at the beach and learn more about the culture, you should definitely head to Male, the capital of the Maldives and the largest city of the archipelago.

The Maldives is situated near the equator, so Male maintains a stable year-round temperature of approximately +28°С. It does have distinct dry and wet seasons. Rains usually fall from May to December, so the best time for a holiday is between the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

General flight information Moscow   Male

Distance between cities

6563 km

Time difference in winter

+2 h

Time difference in summer

+2 h

Average flight time

8 h 50 min

What to see

Male takes up an entire island and is among the most densely populated cities in the world. At the same time, it is not a metropolis, as the entire island is just under 6 square kilometres. Since its establishment as a Sultanate in 1153, it is home to the local government.

The best place to start of walk is the promenade Boduthakurufaanu Magu, which is also the main street. All the important buildings (banks, offices, government) of the capital are located here.

The main attractions are concentrated around Sultan Park. Visit the National Museum, where you can learn about the life of the Sultans and see their household items, or the 17th-century Old Friday Mosque, also known as Hukuru Miskiiy. Its minaret resembles a lighthouse, while the walls are decorated with carvings in white coral. The magnificent gold cupola of the Grand Friday Mosque can be seen from any point in the city. Inside you will find stunning carved wooden panels and lavish Pakistani rugs. The mosque is part of the Islamic Centre, where anyone is welcome to visit.

Opposite the centre is the Male Presidential Palace or Muliaage. Even though visitors are not allowed inside, this remarkable building definitely deserves a look from the outside.

Definitely stop by the Male Fish Market, as this is where the fresh catch is delivered. This is a great place to see the variety of Indian Ocean sea life. Especially impressive are the tuna, and prices on them are more than fair. The Male Local Market is also worth visiting, but it is best to hire a local guide to help with haggling, as prices offered to foreigners are substantially higher.

No vacation is complete without sampling the local cuisine. The Maldivian cuisine closely resembles Indian or Sri Lankan. Maldivians also like spices, especially curry, and coconut milk. There are three main ingredients: fish (mostly tuna), seafood and rice. Try the garudhiya — a clear fish broth, rihaakuru — a fish-based thick paste, as well as mas huni — smoked tuna with coconut, onion, lime and chili. All of it goes great with the traditional Maldivian roshi — a rice flour flatbread.