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Bishkek. White House
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The most convenient way to get to the capital of Kyrgyzstan is to take a direct Moscow — Bishkek flight. The best money-saving option is to purchase a round-trip ticket. Flights arrive at the Manas International Airport (flight duration: about 4 hours). Please note that the best airfares to Bishkek usually sell out quickly, so we strongly recommend booking tickets in advance.

First mentioned in 1860, Bishkek is a relatively new city. The capital of Kyrgyzstan cannot boast with an overwhelming number of historical and architectural monuments, but it offers plenty to admire. The green streets of Bishkek, boulevards and parks can be explored for hours. The local museums offer unique and educational exhibits.

General flight information Moscow   Bishkek

Distance between cities

2 990 km

Time difference in winter

+3 h

Time difference in summer

+3 h

Average flight time

4 h 10 min

What to see

Begin exploring Bishkek from the central Ala-Too Square. It is favoured by the locals, so it is better to visit the square during the weekdays, when there are smaller crowds, and the fountains that adorn the main square can be enjoyed in their full magnificence. During the Soviet era, the main square was a site for the Lenin monument; now it is a place of the monument to the national epic hero Manas. Right behind it is the Kyrgyz State Museum of History — one of the largest in Central Asia. Its exhibits can walk you through the nation’s history from the Stone Age to modern times. The square is also home to the White House, Stella of Friendship of Nation, flagpole with the national flag of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, guard of honour, which rotate hourly, and the monument to Kyrgyzstan’s beloved and respected writer Chingiz Aimatov.

Bishkek is a very green city with over 20 parks. The oldest is Oak Park, where first trees were planted in 1890. The park is situated adjacent to the Ala-Too Square and is divided into two parts: a walking park with quaint alleyways and an open-air museum of sculptures.

Nearby Oak Park is the exposition of the Erkindik Gallery, which the locals refer to as “Bishkek Arbat” or “Bishkek Vernissage”. Here, the local artisans exhibit and sell various works of art  —  paintings and souvenirs. Visitors can admire the work of artists or even request a portrait.

The Ala Archa National Park deserves separate attention. It is located 30 kilometers from Bishkek on the northern slope of the central part of Kyrgyz Range. The mountain trails in this area vary in difficulty and can be interesting for hikers and trekkers alike. The park features over 150 routes. If you enjoy nature but not of peak physical shape  —  visit the waterfall. Only 4 kilometres long, not a difficult ascent, picturesque landscape: greenery, cliffs, mountain silence and crisp air. During the summer, it is great to find shade from the exhausting city heat under the giant spruce trees and in the winter – submerge into a true winter wonderland.

It is said that Bishkek is translated from the Kyrgyz language as the «stirring rod for beating the kumis». Such name can only be given to a truly hospitable city. On the streets of Bishkek, it is easy to find restaurants, cafés or the traditional chaikhanas, where you can taste the local cuisine.

If you have already visited Central Asia, you would find many things familiar, as Kyrgyz cuisine is similar to the cuisine of other Turkic nations. Meats play a special role in the local cuisine. In addition to lamb and beef, the horse meat (considered a delicacy) and yak meat are also very popular.

The traditional Kyrgyz dishes are beshbarmak (finely chopped boiled meat with noodles), manti (steam-cooked dumplings), oromo (pasta roll, filled with cabbage, meat and carrots), and pilaf. Milk and dairy products are very popular in Kyrgyzstan: kaymak (very thick cream), ayran (variant of buttermilk), kurut (balls of dry cottage cheese) and kumis (drink made from mare’s milk). A complement to any dish is flatbread baked in a tandoor oven, and a finishing touch to any meal is a cup of green or black tea.