Panoramic View of Dublin. Buy plane tickets to Irish Republic
Trinity College in Dublin. Buy plane tickets to Irish Republic
Temple Bar Area. Buy plane tickets to Irish Republic
Ring of Kerry. Buy plane tickets to Irish Republic
Irish Stew. Buy plane tickets to Irish Republic
Panoramic view of Dublin
Trinity College in Dublin
Temple Bar Area
Ring of Kerry
Irish Stew
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It’s impossible to capture Ireland’s beauty on a  postcard. The country is known for its theatres, nightlife, endless celebrations and world-renowned festivals. The people of Ireland go out of their way to accommodate tourists and do a wonderful job making sure everyone feels at home and, of course, gets plenty to eat.The climate in Ireland is gentle and kind to the tourism industry. Despite the frequent rain, the Gulf Stream causes the weather in Ireland to be much more pleasant than in neighbouring Great Britain. During the winter, the days are shorter, and the temperature doesn’t often drop below freezing. The best time to visit this beautiful country is in the summer or early autumn, when temperatures are in the mid-20s C, so that the nature can be fully appreciated.

Ireland is a picturesque place with moonlike landscapes punctuated by magnificent green peaks. The medieval missions and castles dotting the landscape have now been turned into cosy hotels and theatres with pubs.  

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There are many ways to get there, but it’s most convenient to fly. Aeroflot operates flights from Moscow to Dublin Airport (11 kilometres from the city centre) through Paris or Amsterdam.

Please note that the best airfares usually sell out quickly, so we strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance.