Sydney Opera House. Buy plane tickets to Australia
Panoramic view of Melbourne. Buy plane tickets to Australia
Kangaroo. Australian Symbol. Buy plane tickets to Australia
Great Barrier Reef. Buy plane tickets to Australia
Purnululu National Park. Buy plane tickets to Australia
Sydney Opera House
Panoramic view of Melbourne
Great Barrier Reef
Purnululu National Park
Australian dollar
All Year Round
Australian English
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We picture Australia as a mysterious continent inhabited by unusual animals, brightly coloured birds and strange insects. Yes, local fauna does indeed amaze with its diversity and uniqueness. However, the country also has interesting museums, striking urban architecture, wonderful national parks and, of course, endless beaches with the best spots for surfing and diving. You won’t regret the long-haul flight: the amazing nature, bizarre animals and Australia’s one-of-a-kind culture are worth the effort.

There are many ways to get there, but the fastest is to fly. Aeroflot doesn’t operate direct flights to Australia; you’ll need to transfer in Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai or Tokyo. Buying a round-trip ticket is the best option for those who are budget-conscious. Also, please keep in mind that the earlier you book your flight, the more affordable it will be, since the best deals sell out first.