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Booking and Payment Rules


Please refer to the present Rules before using our services. Aeroflot reserves the right to change the Rules without prior notice. New rules are effective from the date of posting on the Aeroflot website.

The booking system is based on a software product of the airline's own design.

You can book and purchase tickets untiil 2 hours before the departure of a flight.

You can add the following extras on our website:

  • Aeroexpress train ticket.
  • Standard class
  • 1 journey
  • Valid for 3 days, including the date of departure and till 3:00 AM of fourth day
  • The refund is not allowed.
  • Car rental.

We are proud to offer you the services of Europcar, Europe's No. 1 rent-a-car company.

The document certifying the carriage contract between the passenger and Aeroflot is your itinerary receipt which you obtain when booking your electronic ticket.

To pay for the booking, you may use any form of payment available on the Aeroflot website (bank card, payment through an agency or in the an Aeroflot Sales office). Acceptable methods of payment are listed below:

If you do not wish to take out Passenger Flight Insurance, please remove the tag “Add to Booking” on the payment page.

You may also book a hotel and a car on our site. We offer the services of the No.1 rental company in Europe - Europcar - and the best deals on hotels and apartments worldwide.

The document certifying the carriage contract between the passenger and Aeroflot is your itinerary receipt which you obtain when booking your electronic ticket.

To pay for the booking, you may use any form of payment available on the Aeroflot website (bank card, payment through agents or in the office).

Acceptable methods of payment are listed below.

  • Aeroflot office**
  • Bank card*
  • Kiosk
  • QIWI Kiosk
  • QIWI Wallet
  • Yandex.Money
  • Eleksnet
  • WebMoney
  • CyberPlat Kiosks
  • CyberPlat Wallet
  • UnionPay Online Payment
  • Samsung Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

*We accept the following bank cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, UATP, JCB, UnionPay, MIR

** If you choose this option for your booking payment, there is a fixed time limit of 24 hours, during which time the booking must be redeemed otherwise the flight segments will automatically be cancelled. We accept the following bank cards: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MIR.
Please note! A fee is charged for ticketing in a sales office: RUB 800 within the Russian Federation and EUR 25 abroad.

Ticket pricing (fare calculation) is made in the currency that you chose when booking. Online payments for air carriage are carried out in the currency of the client’s bank account.

If the currencies are not the same, the calculated ticket fare is converted into the currency of the client’s bank account at the rate stipulated by the issuing bank.

A number of foreign banks charge additional amounts for online payment. To clarify the terms of payment, please contact your issuing bank.

According to the rules of international payment systems (VISA, MasterCard, etc.), the airline reserves the right to clarify the circumstances of the passenger’s ticket booking and payment through specified contact details, and to suspend the tickets if the money due has not credited Aeroflot’s account.

If you choose to pay in an Aeroflot office or through a payment agent, it is possible to change your payment method to online payment within the time allowed through our online service “Check Booking”.

If you need to submit financial reporting documents about your flight, please keep your boarding pass and itinerary receipt. Cash payment receipts are not issued, your receipt of payment is your e-ticket. In accordance with Order No.117 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated 18.05.2010, letter No.03-03-06/1/649 of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated 07.09.2007 and letter No.20-12/124839 of the Moscow Department of the Federal Tax Service of Russia dated 27.12.2007, the itinerary receipt and the boarding pass shall be considered documents justifying a passenger’s flight. Duplicate boarding passes are not issued.

For more detailed information about the address and opening hours of Aeroflot offices, please call the Contact Centre in Moscow: +7 (495) 223-55-55, in Russia +7 (800) 444-55-55 (24/24) or contact us on our website under “Contacts - Offices and Direct Sales”.

Having booked and successfully paid for your online air ticket, you will see a confirmation page with the Booking Confirmation code and an e-ticket number. You will also receive an e-mail confirming your booking and online payment with an electronic ticket (attached in PDF format) containing detailed information about your journey.

Please show a printout of your e-ticket and proof of identity at check-in.

In accordance with normative documents of the Russian Federation, the passenger’s payment confirmation for his/her electronic ticket purchased at an Aeroflot office abroad may be a printout of the e-ticket and boarding pass with corresponding details (passenger’s name, itinerary, date of flight, payment amount and e-ticket number). We also recommend that you show these details fully when our office completes and issues the cash payment receipt to you (common form in the host country called “Cash Receipt”, etc.).

You hereby agree to be bound by the above Terms and Conditions and consent to cross-border transfer of personal data received by Aeroflot PJSC when booking a ticket/tickets through the Sabre Holding Corporation. After your acceptance of these terms and conditions, you will be notified of your booking code and the period of time during which you will need to purchase your ticket, otherwise the booking will be cancelled.


Aeroflot - Russian Airlines PJSC pays close attention to information security and combating scams and fraudsters. Our site meets the highest standards of information security.

To pay securely using your bank card, please read the following tips that will help prevent Third Parties from tampering with your account when purchasing air tickets online.

  1. Do not give your credit card details to strangers, namely your PIN code, credit card number, Card Security Code (CVV), your code word and other passwords, personal information or passport details. This information can be used to carry out fraudulent transactions on your card. Do not share your personal information by telephone or e-mail, regardless of who asks for it. Use the services of organizations that you trust and whose services you have used previously.
  2. Do not leave your personal data in accessible locations. Do not leave documents containing personal information unattended in public places, including offices, hotels and airports. Do not keep your personal data, credit card numbers, PIN codes and passwords in your computer or mobile phone. This information might be obtained by criminal persons who manage to access the information in an electronic network and physically steal your property. Do not give your bank cards to anyone else for payments on your behalf. Remember that ONLY you have the right to perform operations with bank cards issued in your name.
  3. Always check your banking transactions. Check order confirmations and bank statements as they are received to ensure that your payments were carried out by you. Inform your bank immediately of any discrepancies.
  4. When purchasing air tickets online, you need to be aware of the many suspicious websites that exist. Such fraudulent websites usually attract attention by posting special offers and unreasonably low prices. Please be careful when considering offers from unfamiliar websites; do not transfer money directly to e-wallets, card or business bank accounts. Avoid purchasing tickets through advertisements posted by individuals on the internet or social websites, including for Aeroflot Bonus miles. To protect yourself from such fraudulent schemes, we recommend using Aeroflot's official website aeroflot.ru or any well-respected online ticketing agency that you know and trust.

If necessary, a paper ticket can be obtained at an Aeroflot office. This service costs 10 Euros. You must confirm your Passenger Name Record (PNR) and provide identification documents for all passengers included in the PNR. If you are travelling with a child, please show proof of the child’s identity. The airline has the right to ask passengers to sign for their tickets.

Aeroflot shall not be responsible for a passenger’s missing documents required for entry into the country of destination or exit from the point of origin. Aeroflot reserves the right to refuse carriage to any passenger not in possession of required documents.

Before booking a one-way flight, please contact the Aeroflot Contact Centre for information on visa requirements and immigration rules of the destination country.

Our system will automatically cancel your booking:

  • if you cancel your flight after payment/ticketing or any subsequent flights;
  • In case of NO SHOW (non appearance to the flight specified in the ticket), a situation when the passenger fails to check-in for the flight specified in the ticket, or checks-in for the flight specified in the ticket, but fails to board within the scheduled boarding time, and does not notify PJSC "Aeroflot" on the termination/amendment of the Air Carriage Agreement and, thus, refusal of the reserved passenger seat by means specified in the Air Carriage Agreement before the end of check-in or boarding a flight (in case of check-in but failure to board). The basis (further in the text) shall not be revised. Basis: Federal Aviation Rules, Section 2, Paragraph 27, Section 5, Paragraph 75.

If your ticket has been partially used, the cancellation procedure shall be regulated by fare conditions indicated on the Ticket.

Tickets shall be issued only after payment has been made in full.



Online ticket refunds are made in accordance with fare rules and are available only for tickets purchased on our website (except for award tickets and airfare paid by points earned in the Corporate Loyalty Programme) and at the Aeroflot Contact Centre. Online tickets may be refunded only if they are original (unmodified) and unused. On all matters relating to the refund of tickets purchased at sales offices abroad, in Russia or paid via points, please contact the Aeroflot Contact Centre or your nearest Aeroflot office.

Aeroflot shall process the refund within 10 working days from the date the ticket was returned and registered for refund. Aeroflot shall not be liable for the time taken to clear funds through banks.  Payment methods used by the passenger, or person who paid for the ticket, could delay the process by up to 30 working days.

Online tickets may be refunded in any currency. Online tickets cannot be refunded when purchased at non-refundable fares. To process unused taxes, please contact our Contact Centre or your nearest Aeroflot office. Before processing your ticket return online, please read our Refund Policy, posted in Reference Information-> Important Information-> Application Rules.

The refund will be made to the payment source used to pay for the air ticket or the additional services.

Aeroflot Contact Centre: in Moscow: +7 (495) 223 55 55; calls from other regions of Russia: 8-800-444-55-55 (24/7) – toll free, E-Mail: callcenter@aeroflot.ru

The location and opening hours of our Sales Offices can be found in Contacts – Offices and Direct Sales.