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Corporate Loyalty Programme Questions

How to become a member of the Corporate Loyalty Programme?

How can I change my itinerary, get a refund, or change the flight date in an e-ticket?

What payment methods are available to corporate customers purchasing tickets online?

What benefits will my company enjoy by joining the Corporate Loyalty Programme?

How soon will we be able to pay for the tickets by the bonus points accrued?

Is it possible for an organisation to make a deposit to expedite payment for air travel, i.e. an advance payment system?

Must we sign a contract when joining the Corporate Loyalty Programme?

What does the air travel fare mean?

Is booking always done from the personal account?

What are the differences between the Aeroflot Bonus and the Corporate Loyalty Programmes?

Are any miles awarded to Aeroflot Bonus members when buying tickets through the Corporate Loyalty Programme?

Is it possible for a company to join the Corporate Loyalty Programme and continue to book tickets via the service agent we have been working with?

Who are the target audience of the Corporate Loyalty Programme?

How long does a Corporate Loyalty Programme member's account remain active?

What happens after the online application form is submitted?

What happens upon receipt of the signed Terms from the customer?

How are a Programme customer's work and their adherence to the terms of support monitored?