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Download the Aeroflot mobile app to your smartphone.
App for iOS (iPhone)
App for Android

Finds the best options

Enter your travel dates, destination, information about passengers and we will provide you with a list of available flights.
The app may also be used for a multiple destination trip.
  • Sort your results by flight operator or connections.
  • Adjust filters to find the most suitable flight by departure time, number of connections and travel time.
  • Check alternative dates to find the best price for your travel.

Stores data

The mobile app offers a separate member zone for Aeroflot Bonus loyalty program participants.
Join the program, check the balance and add your missing bonus miles, enter information about your fellow travelers and track your flight history.

Saves time

Loyalty program member information will automatically be filled in the new booking. You may also use the stored details of the fellow travelers.
If you need to use a new document — just scan and recognize it.
Upload a photo of your passport from the gallery or scan it with your mobile device camera to fill in the passenger booking details. Our app recognizes the document and automatically fills all the necessary information. You may also use this option to provide details for your fellow traveler.
Provides comfort
This app offers you an easy way to book your flight, review booking details, edit existing passenger information, check in and track the status of your flight.
Shows the best prices
In the "Special offers" section you will find flight options with the best prices.
Find special offers for your dates, destination or a price range using search.
iOS users may get updates on our special offers in a real-time widget.

Gives the right direction to find help

Go to the "Contacts" section to check the address and phone number of the closest Aeroflot Sales Office.
Gives the right direction to find help
Go to the "Contacts" section to check the address and phone number of the closest Aeroflot Sales Office.
Scan the QR-code to download the app
Stay mobile and use all the opportunities Aeroflot app gives your smartphone.
App for iOS (iPhone)
App for Android
Our mobile apps get improved with each and every release thanks to your wishes and comments. Please send your feedback to
Instructions on how to save a boarding pass in your Wallet
Launch the application.
Select Check-In.
Enter your PNR (or FFP number) and your surname.
Tap Check-In.
Select passengers for check-in.
Click the seat icon.
Tap Save to confirm your selection.
After that, you can add the passes to your Wallet. If necessary, you can receive your boarding pass by email or print it.
To get a printed boarding pass at the airport:
Launch the Wallet app.
Find the pass you’ve just added.
Find a scanner near the entrance to the screening area.
Hold your phone screen to the scanner.
After successful recognition, the scanner will print out the paper version of the boarding pass.