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11 February 2011

Aeroflot offers hit fares

Aeroflot offers hit fares

February 10, 2011, Moscow. — Aeroflot offers tickets for some domestic and international flights at special fares on a regular basis. In February, discount tickets can be purchased for flights to the following destinations:

Moscow-New York-Moscow - 199 euros

St. Petersburg-New York-St. Petersburg - 199 euros

Moscow-Washington-Moscow - 199 euros

St. Petersburg-Washington-St. Petersburg - 199 euros

Moscow-Los Angeles-Moscow - 299 euros

St. Petersburg-Los Angeles-St. Petersburg - 299 euros

Tickets can be purchased until February 20, 2011, and the flight must be prformed from February 20 until March 31, 2011.

Tickets for these destinations are only valid for Aeroflot (SU) flights. No restrictions are set on the days of the week or the last return date; the minimum duration of stay at the destinations is until the next Sunday and the maximum duration is one month. Tickets are issued within 24 hours after booking.

To view terms and detailed pricing of the offer, please visit www.aeroflot.ru.

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