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Company News

04 January 2011

Aeroflot offers social discount rates for residents of the Kaliningrad region

January 4, 2011, Moscow. Aeroflot offers social discount rates for residents of the Kaliningrad region.

In accordance with the decree of the Russian Government of December 18, 2010 No. 1059 ‘On Approval of the Rules for Provision from the Federal Budget of Subsidies to Air Carriers to Ensure Affordability of Flights for Passengers Residing in the Kaliningrad Region from Kaliningrad to the European Part of Russia and in the Opposite Direction’, beginning January 3, 2011, JSC ‘Aeroflot’ sells ‘one-way’ air tickets at a discount rate of 3,600 rubles.

The special discount rate is applicable under the following terms:

  • the uplift will be performed in 2011;
  • Russian citizens permanently registered in the Kaliningrad region younger than 23 and older than 60 years are eligible for the discounted social rate;
  • the ticket is issued on the basis of a document (documents) identifying the passenger and confirming his/her permanent registration in the Kaliningrad region;
  • the ticket is issued no later than 24 hours after flight reservation has been confirmed;
  • open departure dates are not allowed;
  • the cost of a ticket for children from 2 to 12 and for infants under two years old with a separate seat provided is 50 percent of the special discount rate.

The discount tickets are sold for the three Aeroflot’s own flights performed daily on the Moscow-Kaliningrad-Moscow route (SU 753/754, SU 755/756, and SU 757/758) and for the daily flight (SU 2051/2052) performed together with Nordavia.

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