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Company News

29 January 2009

The new full-flight simulator


January 29 2009, Moscow. – The new full-flight simulator FFS A320 5400 has been installed at the simulator facility of Aeroflot’s Training Center for Aviation Personnel.

The simulator is a cutting-edge device by САЕ (Canada). Aeroflot now operates the world’s fourth CAE 5000 series simulator. In 2009, about 6,000 training flight hours on the device are planned for Aeroflot’s А-319/320/321 crews.
The CAE 5000 series comprises the following solutions and technologies:

  •  High quality simulation software based on aviation equipment manufacturer data;
  • Quality exceeding international qualification standards and meeting flight personnel training requirements detailed in international operations and licensing documents;
  • Ergonomics design based on extensive human factors analysis;
  • Visual simulation system employing high resolution projectors and graphics processors;
  • High-fidelity, all-electric motion systems;
  • Air traffic control environment simulation;
  • Composite components to reduce weight;
  • Modular building-block design;
  • Safety protection measures exceeding international standards.

The simulator facility of the Aeroflot Training Center enables flight crew training on simulators of the Ilyushin Il-96-300, A319/320/321, Tu-154M and DA-42 aircrafts.

Flight and cabin crew emergency training is conducted on Il-96-300, Door Trainer IL-96-300 training devices, simulators of Tu-154M, A330, A320 and B767 (“Land”). The Center has its own training pool equipped with slide rafts for Il 96-300, А320, А330 and В767  (“Water”).

Theory and practice are taught by Aeroflot’s experienced instructors trained at Russian and foreign centers.
With its simulator facility, the Training Center is capable of training specialists from other companies. Every year, employees of over 60 Russian and foreign airline companies are trained here.
Aeroflot’s Training Center for Aviation Personnel is the only Russian school having an EASA Part-147 standard license.

Aeroflot’s Training Center for Aviation Personnel. Address: Building 6, Sheremetyevo-1 Airport, 124340 Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia. Phone numbers: 578-79-01, 578-79-13, 578-37-71.