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Company News

24 February 2009

"V. Obrutchev" - the new A320


February 24 2009, Moscow. – Aeroflot – Russian Airlines received the 27th А320 craft by Airbus.  At the moment, Aeroflot’s fleet includes 49 crafts from the A319/320/321 family. The new aircraft was called after V. Obrutchev, a famous Russian geologist, geographer, the science fiction writer.

The aircraft was received under an operational lease contract signed in 2007. The leasing company is General Electric Capital Aviation Services (GECAS).

All the machines are supplied directly ex-factory. In 2009, 15 more A320 family aircrafts are to be delivered. All the machines are supplied directly ex-factory. The cabins are delivered in a two-class layout to accommodate 116 (A319), 140 (A320) and 170 (A321) passengers. Aeroflot operates A320 family aircrafts to a destinations network in Russia and Europe. Aeroflot is among the world’s leaders in terms of operational reliability and actual hours flown per aircraft.

A320 is one of the best machines for medium range flights, complying with safety, reliability and passenger comfort requirements