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Company News

26 February 2009

In our Board of directors


February 26 2009, Moscow.  Aeroflot’s Board of Directors held its regular meeting.

The Board approved the company’s investment program for 2009 at the total of 3,195 million RUB, which will secure the completion of key corporate investment business projects:
- Extension of production facilities for the renovated air fleet servicing
- Capital assets modernization
- Development of modern production technologies.

In H1 2009, the top priority financing will be assigned to flight safety provision, commercial launch of the Sheremetyevo-3 passenger terminal, liabilities under the current contracts, completion of the company’s new office construction.

In H2 2009, the company will acquire capital assets and invest in the production facilities development upon the condition of sound financial results and sufficient money resources.

The Board decided to appoint the date of the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of JSC Aeroflot to June 20 2009. The meeting will begin at 10:00 Moscow time.

On May 5 2009, JSC Aeroflot will announce the list of persons entitled to participation in its annual General Shareholders’ Meeting.

According to Article 48 of the Federal Act “On joint-stock companies”, the agenda will include the matters subject to an obligatory consideration at annual General Shareholders’ Meetings of JSCs.

The Board approved the list of candidate Members of JSC Aeroflot’s Board of Directors, who are to be elected at the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting in 2009. In compliance with the Federal Act “On joint-stock companies” and Charter of Aeroflot JSC, the candidates had been nominated by the shareholders owning not less than 2% of the company’s voting stock.

The list includes the following candidates:

Aleksashenko, Sergey Vladimirovich – Director of Macroeconomic Research Department of State University – Higher school of Economics;
Androsov, Kirill Gennadyevich – Deputy Head of RF Government Office;
Antonov, Vladimir Nikolaevich – 1st Deputy CEO of Aeroflot JSC;
Dmitriyev, Vladimir Aleksandrovich – Chairman of the State Corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)”;
Dushatin, Leonid Alekseevich – 1st Deputy Head of CJSC National Reserve Corporation, Member of  CJSC NRC Board of Directors;
Yeliseev, Boris Petrovich – Rector of the Moscow State University of Civil Aviation;
Lebedev, Aleksandr Evgenyevich – Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC NRC;
Levitin, Igor Yevgenyevich – Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation;
Neradko Aleksandr Vasilyevich – Head of Federal Flight Navigation Service (Rosaeronavigation);
Nikitin, Gleb Cergeyevich – Deputy Head of the Federal Property Management Agency (Rosimushchestvo);
Okulov, Valery Mikhaylovich – CEO of JSC Aeroflot;
Savelyev, Vitaly Gennadyevich – 1st Vice President of JSC Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema;
Stolyarov, Andrey Victorovich – Deputy CEO of CJSC UniCredit Aton;
Tarasov, Aleksey Yevgenyevich – CEO of CJSC NRC, Member of Board of Directors of CJSC NRC;
Uvarov, Aleksey Konstantinovich – Department Director of Ministry for Economic Development (Mineconomrazvitie);
Sharonov, Andrey Vladimirovich – Managing Director of CJSC Investment Company Troyka Dialog.

The Board approved the list of candidate members of JSC Aeroflot’s Audit Commission, whose election is also scheduled for the next annual General Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Board of Directors approved the sublease contracts for the land lots necessary for completion and commercial launch of the Sheremetyevo-3 passenger terminal. The additional land acquisition will be used for parking construction and deployment of communication and utility lines.

The Board reported the preparation of Aeroflot’s bid in the tender for Czech Airlines privatization.