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Company News

18 March 2009

Our social responsibility


March 18 2009, Moscow. – JCS Aeroflot Russian Airlines, understanding its high social responsibility, is committed to further implementation of its social projects, at the same time substantially cutting expenditures on non-productive activities such as advertising, business trips, administrative costs, etc.

In honor of the 64th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, Aeroflot holds its ninth traditional May campaign “Following the War Glory”.

As part of the program “Support of Socially Disadvantaged Groups of People”, Aeroflot cooperates with medical institutions, carrying sick or disabled children to European and American clinics. In 2008, over a hundred children needing urgent medical examination, treatment or surgery flew with Aeroflot free of charge. 

On goes the “Mercy Miles” campaign, run by Aeroflot together with the “Give Life” Foundation under the patronage of the renowned Russian actresses Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun. Aeroflot customers can now donate their accumulated miles not only to help carry sick children, but also to support Russia’s young talents. This cooperation resulted in 297 free air tickets issued in 2008.

Aeroflot continues its work with Vladimir Spivakov’s International Foundation, supporting artistically gifted children. Their joint project “On the Wings of Music” also gives Aeroflot’s passengers an opportunity to donate their extra miles, which are used to carry gifted young people to the places of studies and concerts.

Within this cooperation, at the end of March, Aeroflot and Spivakov’s Foundation are finishing the project “The Heart Has Two Wings”, a picture contest among challenged children. Children from more than 200 medical institutions in 31 Russian towns are taking part in the contest. Ten winners with their accompanying persons will visit Moscow this summer as Aeroflot’s guests. The main idea of the contest is to give all the children an opportunity to express themselves, restore their self-confidence and feeling of importance – that is why no one will be left without a present.
Since 2002, Aeroflot has been cooperating with Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, carrying students and teachers of music to European and American cities to participate in international contests and concerts.

Aeroflot gives special attention and support to Russian Culture festivals conducted abroad. The company has many times assisted the Russian Cinema Week in New York, participated in the Festival of Russian Culture in Cannes, the Russian culture festival “Russian Season” in Japan, and the Year of Russian Culture in Germany.

Since 2008, Aeroflot together with “Radio Russia” has been participating in the campaign “Train of Hope”. The project is designed to draw the attention of public, business and authorities to the orphanhood problem.

With 2009 announced a Year of the Youth in Russia, Aeroflot reduces the fares for schoolchildren and students in order to make air transport services more affordable for this passenger category. 

Aeroflot has never kept apart from the problems of those needing help. The company has a consistent and systematic approach to social activity, based on complex socially oriented programs.