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21 December 2009

Samara Flights Transferred to Terminal D


Aeroflot Transfers Moscow – Samara Flights to Terminal D (Sheremetyevo)

December 21 2009. From December 22, as part of the Sheremetyevo Terminal D test operation JSC Aeroflot transfers its two regular Moscow – Samara flights to the new passenger terminal. The total number of flights Aeroflot has moved to Terminal D will reach 47.

From December 22 2009 flights Moscow – Irkutsk – Moscow (SU831/832, SU835/836) will be operated from Terminal D. All the flights will be performed in strict accordance with the current schedule.
At the moment, 45 flights are already being operated from Terminal D:

• Moscow -Sochi- Moscow (SU869/870, SU1869/1870, SU873/874)
• Moscow -Magadan- Moscow (SU783/784)
• Moscow -Vladivostok- Moscow (SU719/720)
• Moscow – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Moscow (SU825/826)
• Moscow -Vladivostok- Moscow (SU721/722)
• Moscow -Khabarovsk- Moscow (SU893/894)
• Moscow – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Moscow (SU895/896)
• Moscow – St. Petersburg – Moscow (SU837/838, SU839/840, SU843/844, SU845/846, SU847/848, SU849/850, SU851/852, SU853/854, SU855/856, SU857/858)
• Moscow – Mineralnye Vody – Moscow (D9785/786, D9787/787)
• Moscow – Krasnodar – Moscow (SU765/766, SU773/774, 5N763/764, 5N771/772)
• Moscow – Kaliningrad – Moscow (SU751/752, SU753/754, SU755/756, SU757/758 (1315/1820), SU759/760)
• Moscow – Astrakhan – Moscow (SU709/710, 5N711/712)
• Moscow – Irkutsk – Moscow (SU747/748, SU749/750)
• Moscow – Yekaterinburg – Moscow (5N733/734, SU735/736, SU741/742, SU745/746)
• Moscow – Chelyabinsk – Moscow (5N899/899, 5N793/794)
• Moscow – Krasnoyarsk – Moscow (SU779/780, SU781/782)
• Moscow – Nizhnevartovsk – Moscow (SU797/798)
• Moscow – Norilsk – Moscow (SU791/792)
• Moscow – Barnaul – Moscow (SU715/716)

With the two Moscow – Samara flights, the total number of flights moved by Aeroflot to Terminal D will reach 47.
The test operation implies Terminal D will be operating at first Aeroflot’s domestic and later, international flights, which will allow the company to ensure smooth interaction between of all of the carrier and Terminal’s services, government authorities and the airport in general. (The full schedule of flight transfer to Terminal D is published at Aeroflot’s website http://www.aeroflot.ru/ru-en/before_and_after_fly/terminal-d).

Terminal D will become Aeroflot’s base. The new terminal will be home to almost all Aeroflot’s flights, both domestic and international, as well as the flights by SkyTeam members and partner carriers.

Terminal D will provide passengers with servicing level satisfying the highest international standards. The terminal will be able to handle 12 million passengers a year, practically doubling the throughput capacity of Sheremetyevo
Terminal D is the best airport terminal on the post-Soviet territory and in the Eastern Europe. The Terminal has already become a laureate of ‘ARX Awards’, an independent award in the sphere of the Russian architecture and development: the original architectural solution won in the nomination ‘Best Transport Infrastructure Object’.