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Company News

17 June 2002

Aeroflot has summed up the financial results for the 1st Quarter 2002.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines summed up financial and economic results of the Company operating for the 1st Quarter 2002.

From January to March 2002 Aeroflot transported 1,090,000 passengers and 20,400 tons of cargo and mail, that is 3,697 million passenger-kilometers and 434,700 million ton-kilometers. Passenger seats occupancy increased on 1,9% by comparison with 2001 and averaged 66,7%.

Under planned passenger turnover decrease (11,1%) as compared to 2001, the revenue rate for a passenger-kilometer increased on 8,6%. In concordance with the plan, in the 1st Quarter 2002 there is 9,5% operating and 7,7% services costs saving.

In the 1st Quarter the most charged airplanes were Boeing 777, Boeing 767, Boeing 737, A 310, IL 96 and DC 10. Their ratio for the period in the total passenger turnover and total ton-kilometers was 76,1% and 71,8% respectively. Average daily flight increased for the airplanes: Boeing 777 - 2,5 hours increase, IL-76 - 1,5 hours, Boeing 767 and TU-154 - 1,3 hours, TU-134 - 0,7 hours.

On the whole the Quarter financial results meet planned expectations. The leading lines of activity for 2002 are determined as passenger service quality improvement and commercial, financial an economic efficiency enhancement. According to Valery Okulov, the General Director of the Company "Aeroflot plans to force gross measures increase. The Company's goal is to increase service quality and income".