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Kastellorizo Island
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Greece is a perfect vacation destination. It has historical sights, beautiful nature and gorgeous beaches scattered over a relatively small area. A wide variety of sights, combined with beach recreation, delicious food and comparatively low prices attract millions of tourists every year. Just one trip to Greece is enough to realize that the saying “Greece has everything” is true. Whatever you’re looking for, be it ancient monuments, beaches, seafood, wine, boutiques, souvenir shops, solitude or loud parties – you can find it all in the country where modern civilization originated.

The climate in Greece is primarily Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers (+25-28°С on average) and warm and humid winters (0°С and above). In some areas, the climate is nearly alpine; Greece even has its own ski slopes. The best time to visit historical sites is late spring or autumn, especially September and October, when most of the tourists either haven’t arrived yet or have already left, and the weather is still warm.

Aeroflot offers direct flights to 3 cities in Greece: Thessaloniki (flight duration: 3h 37m), Heraklion, located on Crete (flight duration: 4h) and Athens (flight duration: 4h). Since the most affordable tickets to Greece often sell out first, we recommend that you book your flights well in advance. The most economical fares are offered for round trips and connecting flights.