Panoramic View of Shanghai. Buy plane tickets to China
Great Wall of China. Buy plane tickets to China
Panda. Symbol of China. Buy plane tickets to China
Peking Duck. Buy plane tickets to China
Terraced Fields. Buy plane tickets to China
Panoramic View of Shanghai
Great Wall of China
Panda. Symbol of China
Peking Duck
Terraced Fields
Renminbi (CNY)
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China is incredibly diverse in terms of culture, climate and cuisine. The country has three climate zones: mild continental in the north and west (winters can get very cold), subtropical in the center, and tropical in the south and on the islands. There are things to see in China all year round, but if you prefer mild weather and low humidity, then April-May and September-October are the best times for sightseeing trips.

Everything is monumental, massive and large-scale in China - not surprising for the country with the world’s largest population and third greatest area. Don’t hesitate to go to China if you want to be constantly amazed in a place with limitless attractions.

Aeroflot operates direct flights to the three largest Chinese cities: Beijing (duration: 7h 30m), Shanghai (8h 20m) and Guangzhou (9h 30m).

The most cost-effective option is to buy round-trip tickets to China. Please note that the best fares sell out quickly, so we recommend booking flights in advance.