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  • May the free baggage allowances of passengers travelling together be combined?

    If a number of passengers are travelling together with a shared purpose, to the same destination airport, on the same flight(s) operated by Aeroflot PJSC and/or subsidiary airline companies under the commercial management of Aeroflot PJSC (members of the same family, companions on a leisure or business trip), those passengers can request that their free checked baggage allowances (stated on their tickets) be combined by weight.

    To combine free checked baggage allowances, each baggage piece shall not exceed 32 kg in weight; the total combined number of pieces shall not exceed the sum of allowed pieces; the total combined weight shall not exceed the sum of the free allowances by weight stated on the passengers' tickets. Baggage shall be checked individually for each passenger.

  • If a passenger's free baggage allowance is greater than one piece, can the size/weight allowances for each piece be combined?

    If a passenger's free baggage allowance includes multiple pieces, his/her allowances for each piece can be combined by weight. The allowances shall be combined within the general free baggage allowance limits for one passenger. The combined baggage piece shall not exceed 32 kg in weight.

  • Are additional baggage pieces that are not indicated on the ticket counted when combining allowances?

    Additional pieces carried free of charge over and above the allowance indicated on the ticket shall not be counted when combining allowances. These pieces are:

    • Free pieces granted to elite tier members of the Aeroflot Bonus programme and other SkyTeam frequent flyer programmes;
    • Certain sports equipment (subject to special conditions).
  • If a passenger is travelling within Europe in Economy class (Economy Flex fare family), what charge will be applied to his/her baggage, if he/she has an additional baggage piece that also exceeds the established allowance by weight (25 kg) and sum of its three dimensions (200 cm)?

    In this case, the passenger is charged 150 EUR for the additional piece (the charge for third and subsequent pieces is applied, as the passenger has already used up the free two-piece allowance), plus 100 EUR for exceeding the allowance by sum of three dimensions, plus 100 EUR for exceeding the weight allowance. Therefore, a total of 350 EUR shall be due.

  • What charges for excess baggage apply for third and subsequent baggage pieces, if the passenger is allowed an additional piece as an elite tier member of the Aeroflot Bonus programme or other SkyTeam frequent flyer programmes?

    In this case, the charge for third and subsequent pieces of excess baggage shall be applied.