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Greetings from Vitaly Saveliev, General Director of PJSC "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines"

General Director of PJSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines Vitaly Saveliev

Dear Passenger,

It is my pleasure to welcome you aboard this Aeroflot aircraft.

Last month marked a milestone for the Russian aviation industry. Aeroflot signed the largest aircraft order in the company’s history. As a result of the new agreement with United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), we will take delivery of 100 Russian-made Superjet 100 aircraft over the period 2019–2026. A signing ceremony was held at the Eastern Economic Forum, in the presence of President Vladimir Putin.

Aeroflot’s new agreement is an important step in the development of Russia’s aircraft manufacturing industry and takes our partnership with UAC to the next level. Aeroflot is making a significant contribution to boosting domestic aircraft production as well as job creation in the industry.

At the end of September, Aeroflot took delivery of its 50th SSJ 100 aircraft, marking the successful conclusion of two firm orders for 30 and 20 SSJ 100s.

Aeroflot first put the SSJ 100 into commercial operation on 16 June 2011, on a flight from Moscow carrying delegates to the 15th annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Since then, the route network flown by the SSJ 100 has expanded significantly, and it now flies both domestically and internationally, including to destinations in Europe and across the CIS.

Today Aeroflot is the world’s largest operator of the SSJ 100. But Aeroflot’s role vis-à-vis the Superjet is not limited to this: we have also been actively involved in the development of the aircraft. We worked with the manufacturer to get the jet in the air and to eliminate any glitches. Today the SSJ 100 is a reliable, comfortable aircraft, and one that is in demand with a wide range of buyers including both Russian and foreign airlines.

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If there is a tale of adventure in the world that deserves to become public domain and be received warmly upon its publication, we believe it's the story of travels across Russia. The adventures of our heroes — we are almost sure of it — surpass all that were ever told and that made their way to us; it's hard to imagine that traveling across just one country can offer such a variety of events.

The stories in Aeroflot's new autumn issue are told with modesty, seriousness and great warmth. We invite you to see the expanses of Altai, the roads of Magadan, the best business hotels of the country from Kyzyl to Kaliningrad; to taste some exceptional Russian wines and Antonov apples that retain the smell of summer even on a gloomy November day; choose a Filimonovo toys to your liking and learn the names of contemporary Russian artists whose works adorn museums and private collections of the world.

Discover Russia together with Aeroflot!

AEROFLOT – October 2018 - November 2018 (PDF file) 


Aeroflot cover

In the October issue of Aeroflot magazine, we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the upcoming month, as well as new books and films.

Opera director Alexander Titel reveals the productions prepared by the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre for its 100th anniversary season to fascinate both connoisseurs and newcomers alike; artist Ksenia Peretrukhina explains how “horizontal” theater can change the world for the better; and actor Rinal Mukhametov comes clean about why he actually likes the controversial character he portrayed in the film “Without Me”.

The Travel section will tell you where to find contemporary art in Israel, what lessons the breathtaking Naples can teach its visitors, which things are indispensable during a first-time visit to Georgia, and why a trip to Champagne, France always morphs into an immersive journey into culture — and not just the culture of wine-making. Those who love Alpine skiing will surely appreciate our mini-guides to the slopes of Catalonia and the Vaud Alps.

Carrot leaves, fish bones, and pork rind: some things are almost universally considered waste, but a talented chef will not only find a use for them, but also turn them into gourmet masterpieces. We picked the most spectacular examples of such a resourceful and responsible approach to cooking for our column.

Featured in the Reading section this month is an excerpt of Anna Kuzina’s “China. All the Intricacies” which will help you learn what the Chinese keep crickets as pets for, why standing in the doorway is considered improper, how to make a Chinese-style selfie, and what exactly the Lord Leveret of Beijing is.

Aeroflot – October 2018 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Premium

Aeroflot Premium cover

Humans have been interacting with nature for millions of years — we leave a trace on the nature, nature shapes the character of a man. We are transforming the landscape so that it transforms us. In the new issue of Aeroflot Premium, we decided to support the trend of environmental friendliness and caring about nature — one of the most visible and global trends in art, design, fashion, and gastronomy in recent years.

Among the October special reviews are: selected works by Ezra Stoller — a modernist photographer who captured the union of architecture and nature; a review of the major European interior exhibitions which highlights the increased interest among designers in the subject of rational nature management; a selection of the world's most eco-friendly hotels in the Best of the Best category; the wonders of Serbia, unspoilt by globalisation and awaiting the travellers; food untouched by fire in the "Gastronom" section.

As usual, the issue presents a selection of the most interesting and anticipated events of the month, hotel news, restaurant premieres, new car reviews, trendy gadgets, worthy books, best watch and fashion brands. Foreign readers of Aeroflot Premium are welcome to enjoy editorial materials and columns in English.

Aeroflot Premium – October 2018 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Style

Aeroflot Style cover

October puts us in the mood for unhurried walks, the colours of the autumn forest, and tasty eating… All this is to be found in the October issue of Aeroflot STYLE. Come the middle of autumn, we’ll be wearing bell-bottom dungarees, massive heels, velvet jackets, ethnic cardigans with fringes, and long voluminous coats that look as if they’ve come straight off our boyfriends’ backs. This season’s accessories to look out for are bucket bags, shoes made from embroidered velvet, and knuckleduster rings.

Our special theme this month is gastronomy. Turn to our Lifestyle section for a survey of iconic restaurants in hotels, new travel destinations for foodies, and the best museum cafes. To find out how to cook with love, look for the excerpt from “French and female: secrets of irresistible style” in our Reading section.

This issue’s principal personalities are French actress and director Mélanie Laurent, restauranteur and society lioness Matilda Shnurova, actress Nadezhda Mikhalkova, perfumer Thierry Wasser, and supermodel and 60’s icon Edie Sedgwick.

Our Beauty section will acquaint you with new scents, the latest trends in make-up, rules for how to look after your hair, and iconic cosmetology clinics.

Happy reading!

Aeroflot Style – October 2018 (PDF file)