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Greetings from Vitaly Saveliev, General Director of PJSC "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines"

General Director of PJSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines Vitaly Saveliev

Dear Passenger,

Welcome aboard this Aeroflot aircraft.

This year, regarded in Russia as the “Year of the Volunteer”, is now drawing to a close. For us, 2018 has been very special. In March, Aeroflot, one of the world’s oldest carriers, celebrated its 95th anniversary.

Throughout its history, Aeroflot has shared Russia’s destiny and worked for the good of the country. We have opened up new pathways, fought on the fronts of the Second World War, participated in the development of the Russian North, and worked on national projects. In 1990, our company set a landmark Guinness World Record by becoming the first airline to transport 139 million passengers in one year, and in so doing became a world-famous brand, as well as symbol and pride of our country.

In the early 1990s, after being broken up into hundreds of small carriers, legendary Aeroflot lost its influence and its presence in the aviation market. By 1994, our company’s passenger traffic fell to just 3.1 million people annually. But we have overcome this stage of our history. By its 95th anniversary, we returned to our former glory. Once again, Russian civil aviation is associated with our name.

We have achieved the strategic goals we set for 2025 ahead of schedule. After an almost 30-year break, Aeroflot officially regained its position among the elite of the global aviation industry by becoming one of Europe’s top five legacy carriers and ranking among the global top 20 by passenger numbers. By the end of 2018, Aeroflot Group is expected to carry almost 56 million passengers, strengthening its position among the leading players in the international market.

Now we are setting an even more ambitious goal. By 2023, when the airline will celebrate its centenary, we aim to carry 100 million passengers a year. In the near future, we are also looking to increase intercontinental transit passenger traffic. Aeroflot has several indisputable competitive advantages on routes between Europe and Asia. Flying via Moscow can save passengers up to three hours compared to transit routes with our competitors. Growing our capacities in this area is a strategic priority that will contribute to Russia becoming a major international transport hub.

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While the rest of the world is bracing for winter, Russia is preparing to embrace the snow, frost, and everything that comes with the cold season. So many of the country’s traditions were forged in the ice and like the permafrost of Siberia they remain, including the banya and skating on Lake Baikal – which you can read about in this edition’s Best of Russia. And while we’re on the subject of tradition, no one understands the importance of heritage more than the Hermitage’s director Mikhail Piotrovsky, who continues to fight for cultural independence.

We wish all your travel dreams for the New Year come true.

AEROFLOT – December 2018 - January 2019 (PDF file) 


Aeroflot cover

In the December issue of Aeroflot magazine we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the upcoming month, as well as new books and films.

Opera singer Hibla Gerzmava will recount amazing stories about her artistic homeland, the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theater, while actor and producer Sergey Bezrukov will speak about his screen adaptation of Sergei Dovlatov’s “Pushkin Hills” and reveal why he decided to turn the protagonist from a writer into a rock musician.

The Travel Section will help you to spend winter so that you get some memories to cherish next summer. If happy discoveries, ethnographical epiphanies, and exotic views are what you’re after, go to Sri Lanka or the Golden Triangle; the treasures of culture to be examined in details are waiting for you in Rome and Perm; while for some great alpine skiing, choose the powder-covered slopes of Krasnaya Polyana, or try figuring out personally what the difference is between the two neighboring French resorts of Tignes and Val d’Isère. For those who value unusual angles, we have prepared a guide to the ice rinks that are as famous as the landmarks surrounding them. The cherry on top is an inspiring tale of the trials befalling a brave traveler going through a sauna tour somewhere amidst the woods of Finland.

If your waiter starts singing Carmen’s aria right after taking your order, the dining hall that was all glowing with lily-white tablecloths just this morning, suddenly turns into a theater scene, and industrial climbers covered in LED garlands start dancing on the other side of the place’s window, it means you have read our review of Moscow’s trendiest restaurants and came to an establishment that treats bread and circuses with equal reverence.

Our Reading Section will feature an excerpt of “Simply Rome” by art critic and author Arkady Ippolitov whose brilliant observations on architectural elements and historical anecdotes will give you a new perspective on the Eternal City.

Aeroflot – December 2018 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Premium

Aeroflot Premium cover

This Christmas issue of Aeroflot Premium is a treat for observant travelers. In addition to the regular materials - the selection of the most interesting and anticipated events of the month, hotel news, restaurant premieres, new car reviews, trendy gadgets, worthy books, best jewellery and fashion brands - the issue invites the readers to explore the Nenets Autonomous okrug on deer sleds, showcases the most important ornaments of the Ghent altar, summarizes the culinary achievements of the year and sings hosanna to domestic winemaking.

The hero of the issue, director and producer Timur Bekmambetov, talks about the completion of the Yolki saga, new film formats and the potential of Russian cinema.

You'll find the best ideas for winter gifts in Aeroflot Premium's special project, The Board of Desires - it will be interesting!

To the fans of serious reading and long-haul flights we're happy to offer some reading material: three questions for MIPT scientists in the Science section, the biography of great film director Sergey Eisenstein and an excerpt from the new book by Govert Schilling devoted to the phenomenon of gravitational waves and its influence on the environment.

Foreign readers of Aeroflot Premium are welcome to enjoy editorial materials and columns in English.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

Aeroflot Premium – December 2018 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Style

Aeroflot Style cover

Aeroflot STYLE wishes you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our main goal for this issue is to turn everyone’s favourite festive occasion into a truly unforgettable experience. We offer you a hit parade of Christmas and New Year gifts, surveys of outfits and accessories to wear on New Year’s Eve and of products for trendy evening make up, ideas for home décor, and, of course, inspiration for your travels – everything you need to help you get ready for the most important festive night of the year.

This month’s Jewellery section deserves your special attention. Jewels in ‘ice patterns’, precious brooches, and eye-catching necklaces make an excellent choice of present. This section also includes a special analysis of why jewellers have been inspired by the Orient over the centuries.

In this month’s Beauty section we are likewise busy getting ready for the festive season. Our experts examine express procedures that can be used for instant effect. We’ll also be looking at how to choose from among the numerous masks now available (the latest beauty trend), how to take care of your skin during the cold season, and why hot chili peppers are so prized in cosmetology. As an appetizer, we offer you a dictionary of beauty terms, including all the new terms from the departing year.

This month’s main personalities are actress Uma Thurman, rising young film star Hailee Steinfeld, and fashion designer Philipp Plein.

Our Lifestyle section also looks back on the year – with a guide to the best new hotels to have opened in 2018. Take note!

Aeroflot Style – December 2018 (PDF file)