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Greetings from Vitaly Saveliev, General Director of PJSC "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines"

General Director of PJSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines Vitaly Saveliev

Dear Passenger,

Welcome aboard this Aeroflot aircraft.

Midsummer is the long-awaited favourite time of year for those who love travelling and exploring new countries and cities.

Aeroflot is continuously expanding its route network, and we offer our passengers an ever-increasing number of flight options.

This summer Aeroflot will fly directly between major cities in the south of Russia – Volgograd and Sochi, Krasnodar and Simferopol.

Daily flights on these routes will contribute to achieving the important goal set by the Russian Government of boosting Russian citizens’ mobility by one-third by 2024.

We continue developing our international routes. On June 1, Aeroflot launched five weekly flights to Marseilles, the capital of Provence and France’s second largest city.

Another international destination is Palma de Mallorca, the largest city of the Balearic archipelago and a famous all-year resort.

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The nature of the Russian North is harsh and unforgiving, and it has forged a man of the North — fearless, enduring and silent.

But his heart and smile, like the taiga, blossom in the summer. Aeroflot magazine has laid out for you the most picturesque routes to the North, and a first visit is much more pleasant during the warm season.

Among the articles in this issue are a trip to Tobolsk, mountain peaks and the moral code of Dagestan in our Photo Report, an insight into a relatively young and extremely successful gastronomic phenomenon — Russian cheese, and an overview of the capital’s best parks for spending summer days in the Moscow City Insider section.

AEROFLOT – June - July 2019 (PDF file) 


Aeroflot cover

In the July issue of Aeroflot magazine we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the upcoming month, as well as new books and films.

Opera singer Olga Seliverstova recounts how she sang “Adieu, Notre Petite Table” at Palais Garnier and what it eventually led to, director Andrei Konchalovsky explains why emotion is the essential part of art, and artist Nikolay Polissky tells why he incinerates his own works.

The Travel Section will help you see the daily life of the flamboyant Marseille, find a reason to visit the charismatic Lyon, feel the powerful vibes of the midnight sun-lit fjords of Norway, avoid any misunderstandings while communicating with the hospitable people of Montenegro, and meet the major characters of Brussels and its suburbs. For those who miss the cool of the day in the middle of the summer heatwave, we present a pick of the most refreshing sights of the Alps, while residents of Armenia will reveal to us the must-sees for any traveler exploring their friendly and ancient country.

Lavender, chamomile, saffron, and licorice-infused gin, cranberry milk punch, and hussar-style “zhzhenka”: it seems Moscow’s bartenders are blessed with imaginations that know no limits. Read our review to find out where you can taste their most intriguing inventions.

The Reading Section features an excerpt of Peter Mayle’s “My Twenty-Five Years in Provence” where the British author recalls how he once abandoned everything to go to a place where the sun shines for 300 days a year and any little encounter in the street can be easily made into a plot for a new novel.

Aeroflot – July 2019 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Premium

Aeroflot Premium cover

Thoughts about the vacation season put us in a special state of mind. Our coming plans involve around boat trips, snow-white clothes, wide-brimmed straw hats, the cool breeze on a summer evening and the bright July stars.

As a counterpoint to the holiday nonchalance, the main theme of this new issue of Aeroflot Premium is contemporary art and its relationship with humanity. Prominent representatives of the Russian art business discuss gallery life, artistic ethics and aesthetics, world artistic processes and the significant events in contemporary art.

This month, the spotlight turns to Natalia Opaleva, the founder of the Moscow AZ museum, dedicated to Anatoly Zverev.

As always, we present news from the world of fashion, restaurants, important auction results, car, jewellery and watch novelties, as well as gadgets, accessories and art objects, produced in limited edition.

Among the highlights of the magazine is a report about the Inca valley and trekking with taste and comfort in the Travel section. Aeroflot Premium offers its foreign readers a selection of articles in English.

Aeroflot Premium – July 2019 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Style

Aeroflot Style cover

The July issue of Aeroflot STYLE continues our coverage of trends for spring and summer 2019.

This month’s Fashion section features a rich choice of swimming costumes and beach accessories. Especially notable are futuristic pieces, metallic-finish fabrics, and polka-dot dresses. Flowers on clothing, flower-earrings in ears and hairpin flowers in hair are another important trend which followers of fashion will find unmissable this summer. Also, we look at the results of Sobaka.Ru’s annual competition for young fashion designers, while Nataliya Arkhangelskaya, our new fashion columnist, considers dress codes and when these rules can be broken.

This month’s Beauty section contains a detailed survey of the latest sun-protection products and a text by our beauty blogger on ‘good’ SPF creams which do no harm to the planet’s ecology. Here you’ll also find light perfumes, advanced make-up removers, and bright lipsticks.

Our principal personalities for July are the American actress Jessica Alba, the Russian top model Sasha Luss, and the Scandinavian designer Sahara Widoff.

Mindful consumption in the modern world is another important theme. For restaurants with local cuisine without a trace of plastic, look to our Lifestyle section. Leading destinations for July include Baden-Baden in Germany, Provence in France, and Copenhagen in Denmark.

Aeroflot Style – July 2019 (PDF file)