The international agency Brand Finance, one of the world's leading brand evaluators, has rated Aeroflot as the strongest Russian brand and the strongest airline brand in the world.

This measure of brand strength reflects the brand's value and global influence in terms of marketing. It also determines the brand's stability and the airline's growth potential. The methodology for calculating the brand strength index is based on an analysis of an aggregate of about thirty factors. These include objective indicators, such as fleet size, average age, security data, personnel, investment, financial and performance indicators, client loyalty, and the evaluation of key industry ratings like Skytrax, IATA, Bloomberg and others. The brand strength index gives an idea of the contribution made by the company's brand to its commercial and operational bottom line and, in essence, evaluates the effectiveness of the company's marketing efforts.

The expert opinion of Brand Finance is recognized by the wider global public, state bodies, investors, and the leading auditors.

That the Aeroflot brand was ranked as strongest attests to the leading Russian airline's global status and successful expansion on the world market, primarily in ensuring transit between Asia and Europe. The recognition of the Aeroflot brand is the strongest evidence of the success, sustainable development and high future development potential of the multi-brand model of the Aeroflot Group, of which Aeroflot is the flagship.

Aeroflot is one of the world's oldest airlines and one of the most famous and recognizable Russian brands. It is one of the leading premium European companies due to its ongoing efforts to refine its service and continued dedication to introducing the latest technology. The success of these efforts is confirmed by the leading positions the airline has held for a number of years in key Russian and international ratings dedicated to aviation services.

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