Business Event to Become a Real Occasion

Arranging a business event, especially in another city or country, can present a real challenge.

Take advantage of special terms and simplify arrangements for your business event with the new Aeroflot service for event and conference organisers.


Benefits from arranging events with Aeroflot:

Discounted air travel reservations

One of the youngest aicraft fleets in the world

An extensive flight network

Miles for Aeroflot Bonus programme members

We can also offer you a range of convenient methods to pay for air travel on our website:

  • deferred payment
  • payment by Visa or MasterCard
  • e-banking
  • e-money: Qiwi, WebMoney
  • kiosks and mobile stores: Qiwi, Svyaznoy, etc.
  • payment against invoice for companies

Terms and conditions covering special offers for event/conference organisers

General terms and conditions

  • Special offers for event/conference organisers imply special flight reservation terms for event attendees.
  • The discount amount is up to 15%, depending on the number of persons.
  • The number of departure cities must not be less than 3.
  • The minimum number of participants in the event for which a promotion offer can be held - 30 persons.
  • This special offer can be applied only if there are tickets available for booking and purchase on the website
  • Travel period limitations:
    • flights to the place of event must be made no earlier than 5 days prior to the event start date;
    • flights from the place of the event and back to the departure cities, must be made no later than 5 days after the end date of the event;
    • only flights to the place of the event and back are eligible for this offer.
  • Special offers for event attendee flights are applied by prior request from an event organiser on the service’s page on Aeroflot's website. Fill in all the form fields correctly for the fastest consideration of your request.
  • Request deadline: 2 months before attendee registration. To send a request, go to the service page, click on “Apply”, and fill in the fields of the application form that opens.
  • Once the form has been sent successfully, Aeroflot shall consider the request within ten (10) working days. If the special offer’s conditions are approved, the event organiser, you will be contacted by our managers to arrange the service*.
  • In case of special offer approval, the event organiser takes on responsibilities to place textual and visual information regarding the special offer for flights with Aeroflot for attendees on the event website and in e-mails for their database of attendees. All texts and images must be coordinated with Aeroflot before release.
  • When issuing air tickets in frames of this service, event attendees signed up for Aeroflot Bonus programme may also earn miles on their personal Aeroflot Bonus accounts. Miles are credited under Aeroflot Bonus rules and fare rules.

Payment and refund terms

  • Event attendee tickets may be purchased only on the website
  • Event attendees are offered the following payment methods:
    • Deferred payment.
    • Visa and MasterCard.
    • E-banking.
    • E-money: Qiwi, WebMoney.
    • Kiosks and mobile stores: Qiwi, Svyaznoy, etc.
  • Tickets are refunded and reissued through Aeroflot's Call Center or on the website under the fare rules under which the ticket was issued.

Ask about the terms and conditions covering this special offer

*Aeroflot reserves the right to refuse provision of the special offer for attendees’ flights without explanation.