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Aeroflot & Deutsche Bahn AG

Joint transportation with German Federal Railways Deutsche Bahn AG

If you have a flight to/from Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Dusseldorf,  Dresden, Amsterdam, Zurich you can book a Rail & Fly joint transport service with Aeroflot and German Federal Railways.

The Rail & Fly programme includes:

  • more than 6000 railway stations in Germany
  • open date booking for all trains, excluding night and special services (Autozug, Thalys DB)
  • booking 1st Class seats on ICE rapid traind (additional charge of 15 EUR) and 2nd Class seats (additional charge of 10 EUR)
  • particular rail tickets can be booked and paid for only at Deutsche Bahn tourist centers or through Your travel agent
  • you can take a 1st Class seat on a DB train if you have a business class flight ticket, and 2nd Class otherwise
  • the price of a train journey by DB AG is included in the Aeroflot ticket price from Moscow to German cities, including through rates from Russian cities to German destinations

Passengers arriving in Germany

can book a train journey on the day of arrival (valid with paper tickets only), on the next day after arrival, or on the day before their return flight.

Passengers departing from Germany

can book a train journey on the day of departure or one day before.

Please show your coupon to the train conductor.

You can find additional information about German Railways DB AG from the airline operator or tour agent.