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F.A.Q. Online Check-In

Can I check myself in on the Web for any flight?

You can check yourself in for any Aeroflot flight out of Moscow or from the airports where Aeroflot has the own system for check-in.

When I was printing my boarding pass the paper jam occurred. How can I reprint that?

You can use a "REPRINT" function. To do that you have to start the procedure from the beginning and choose "reprint".

What am I to do when I arrive in the airport?

The maps below will help you to get acquainted to the airport. If you need any assistance please contact our staff.

Sheremetyevo D(3)

All of our Russian domestic flights are taking off and landing at Sheremetyevo D(3).

Level 1 – Arrival Level 1 – Arrival

Download Map

Level 3 – Departure Level 3 – Departure

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Sheremetyevo F(2)

The map serves for orientation at the airport. If you are in need of support or assistance, do not hesitate to contact our ground staff.

Sheremetyevo F(2) – Level 1 Sheremetyevo F(2) – Level 1

Download Map

Sheremetyevo F(2) – Level 2 Sheremetyevo F(2) – Level 2

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Sheremetyevo B(1)

Sheremetyevo B(1) – Level 1 Sheremetyevo B(1) – Level 1

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Sheremetyevo B(1) – Level 2 Sheremetyevo B(1) – Level 2

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At the airport you’ll have to pass the pre-flight formalities then just go to boarding. Please check your boarding gate on the information board.

If you have luggage to check in you can do it at a regular check in counter. Please see the luggage transportation regulations. If your luggage exceeds the free allowance by weight or dimensions you’ll have to pay additional fee (please see the excess baggage charges)

Please don’t forget that the airport check in is over 40 minutes1 before the scheduled departure. Keep in mind you’ll have to pass security control and (in case of international flight) customs and immigration control. Please mind your timing. The boarding gate closes 20 minutes before departure.

1 Check in is over 30 minutes before the scheduled departure for flights to St. Petersburg.

After self-service check-in passengers can check in their baggage at special DROP OFF counters at Sheremetyevo airport not later than 45 minutes before departure. When no dedicated DROP OFF counter is available at other airports, please address a general purpose check-in desk.

How can I order a special meal on board?

Any special meal is prepared individually so it can be ordered at least 36 hours before departure.

What can I take on board with me?

You are allowed handluggage as follows:

  • Business class, "Premier", "President", "Kommersant" – 1 piece of handluggage up to 15 kilograms;
  • Economy class – 1 piece of handluggage up to 10 kilograms

When should I arrive at the airport if I check in on the Web?

If you travel with baggage that needs to be checked in you should arrive at the check in counter 45 minutes before departure at the latest. If you have hand luggage only you should be at the boarding gate not later then 20 minutes before departure shown on your ticket.

Can I get Aeroflot Bonus miles when I check in on the Web?

Yes, during Web check in procedure you can enter your frequent flyer number if it wasn’t done during your booking.

Can I check in my luggage on the Web? How much luggage can I check in? How much would I pay for overweight?

If you’re checking in on the Web you unfortunately can not check your luggage. To issue the baggage tag a special printer must be used.

If you have luggage to check in you can do so at a regular counter at the airport up to 45 minutes before departure.

If your luggage exceeds free allowance by weight or dimensions you will have to pay extra fee according to fares shown below. Please note that excess baggage fares are always "one way" fares.

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What documents should I have?

Travel documents

Official information about entry documents for any country you may obtain only in Consulate of the particular country. You are responsible for proper documentation before authorities of country of departure, arrival and transit.

We recommend that before starting your trip you prepare your passport, air ticket – a paper one or a passenger receipt for the electronic one, other documents needed to enter the country of your destination.

The airline reserves the right to deny transportation in case of improper documentation.

How can I check in my flight is not delayed?

You can address our Call Center or see all information on our «Flight Status» page.

When you are at the airport you’ll find necessary information on the information boards.

I arrived at the airport and found out that my flight was delayed. What should I do?

  • In case of delay, cancelation, change of equipment or other unforeseen circumstances you are entitled to a telephone call or a fax message or an E-mail.
  • If the delay for more than 4 hours is announced our airline provides meals for you (breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on time of the day).
  • If the delay exceeds 2 hours we provide soft drinks.
  • If the delay exceeds 6 hours at the night time or 8 hours at the day time we provide you with the hotel accommodation including meal and transfer to and from the hotel.
  • The amount depends on mileage, delay of your arrival at the destinations and other details. It’s played in form of non-refundable MCO that can be used when buying another Aeroflot ticket.

What type of aircraft will I fly?

The type of aircraft shown on a regular schedule and which you were probably informed of making your reservation may be changed due to technical or operational reasons. To learn which particular aircraft is being prepared for your flight please visit our «Flight Status» page.

Why must I communicate my personal data (passport etc) to the airline during reservation or check-in?

According to Russian Federal law the airline is obliged to control passports, visas and other documents of a passenger and bears responsibilities for that.

I bought an air ticket but my plans changed and I will not take my flight. What am I supposed to do?

You have to contact the agency where you purchased your ticket or any Aeroflot ticketing office before your scheduled departure (shown on your ticket). You may also address our Call Center where our staff can change your reservation if the fare used allows changes. Don’t forget that most fares can be changed or refunded only before the scheduled departure shown on the ticket so try to do this as soon as possible.

If I need any assistance or information at the airport where am I to address?

You can address any Aeroflot staff at the airport. Even if a particular employee doesn’t have required information he or she will help you find the right place to address.

I checked myself in but now I want to change a seat in the plane. How can I do that?

You can change a seat using "Change seat" option. Just enter to your reservation (enter reservation code and last name on the Online check-in page) and click "Change seat button”. After changing seat you should re-print your boarding pass with a new seat number and present it at the airport.

What if I can not find a vacant seat on a seat map?

It doesn’t mean that the plane is already full. For various reasons not all available seats are shown on the map in Internet or Self Service kiosks. Please address a regular check in counter at the airport.

I checked in on the Web and got my Boarding Pass all right. But leaving for the airport I left it at home. What shall I do?

You have to address a regular check in counter at the airport where a duplicate of your Boarding Pass will be issued.