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Company News

18 January 2006

Aeroflot To Improve Onboard Catering For Economy Class

As of today, Aeroflot introduces changes to the onboard catering for economy class. A wider choice of alcoholic drinks, including wine, beer, cognac and sparkling wine, will be offered for an additional payment, the measure taken in order to enable improvement of meals, given the limited budget resulting from an upsurge in fuel prices. Passengers will be offered cold snacks, main meat or fish course, juices and soft drinks.

The decision to change the onboard catering system was encouraged by research work of independent analysts, as well as by passenger suggestions. The research results revealed that the majority of economy class passengers would opt for unchanged ticket prices, with a wider choice of meals served onboard. Seeking to ensure comprehensive catering service onboard, the company decided to cancel free alcoholic drinks and start to offer the service for an additional payment: the policy adopted by many European and US carriers, including SAS, Austrian airlines, Swissair, Delta, Malev, etc.