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Company News

18 January 2006

Aeroflot And The Mnogo.Ru Club Have Reached A New Level Of Cooperation

Aeroflot – Russian Airlines and the loyalty programme operator “Club “Mnogo.ru” have raised their cooperation to a new level, as all passengers in possession of Mnogo.ru club cards can take advantage of bonuses for buying tickets in Aeroflot sales offices in Moscow, available upon presentation of the Mnogo.ru card. The bonuses are accrued automatically within two weeks. For every two conventional units spent on tickets purchase (exclusive of taxes and charges) three bonuses are accrued, that later can be spent on any of the 600 gifts offered by the Club’s catalogue. The card purchase form to fill in is available in Aeroflot sales offices or at the Club’s web-site www.mnogo.ru

Prior to this, all Club members had limited privileges as they only could exchange bonuses for miles under the Aeroflot Bonus programme (two Mnogo.ru bonuses for one mile at Aeroflot Bonus). 

Accordingly, any passenger participating in the both programmes receives the Mnogo.ru Club bonuses for buying tickets and Aeroflot Bonus miles for flying the company flights.

Special software has been installed in Aeroflot sales offices to enable implementation of the project, providing automated record of the Mnogo.ru Club members, as well as the relevant training has been conducted for the company staff.

«Aeroflot Bonus» - a programme for stimulating the company passengers. Flying with Aeroflot and buying the partners’ services, programme participants accumulate miles guaranteeing free tickets or services of the programme partners.

«Mnogo.ru Club» - the first Russian independent loyalty programme operator. Currently, the Club comprises over 800 companies offering different services. Lavtek.ru, the company in charge of the Mnogo.ru Club project, signed cooperation agreement with Aeroflot in March 2004.