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Company News

27 January 2006

It’s time to travel with a new Alpha-Bank card!

Alpha-Bank, Aeroflot and MasterCard have announced a launch of a new service for travelers – co-brend of the Aeroflot-MasterCard-Alpha-Bank card. This new joint product will be interesting for everyone, who actively uses plastic cards; especially Gold and Platinum card categories, since it gives an opportunity not only to make purchases in the shop, but also to receive bonus miles for it.

Each card transaction equal to one US dollar, one euro or 30 rubles will add from 1 to 3 miles in accordance with “Aeroflot-Bonus” program depending on the client’s tariff plan. When the card is opened, complimentary miles are accrued for each client. You can enquire about amount of accumulated miles 24 hours a day by calling +7(495) 78-888-78.

Accumulated miles may be exchanged for pleasant services for you and your family – free flight, higher class ticket or discounts, provided by the partners of “Aeroflot-Bonus” program.

Aeroflot-MasterCard-Alpha-Bank card may be payment and credit. The payment card is opened within the tariff plans “Class!”, “Style”, “Status”, and “Corporate” as a basic or additional card.

Now this service is available to Moscow clients of Alpha-Bank. In the nearest future co-brend card will be also offered to customers in the Alpha-Bank customer-service offices in other regions of Russia.

According to head of the “Retail business” department in Alpha-Bank, Victor Bashkirov, new co-brend card is intended for all who likes traveling and actively uses plastic card. “Gold and Platinum card holders gain more miles per each purchase and may accumulate miles for the trip to the country of their dreams faster”, Victor Bashkirov stated.

«As a result of our cooperation, a new card product has appeared. It fits lifestyle and interests of consumers and is not only a convenient way for payment, but also is a pass to the world of discounts and bonuses,” – Andrey Korolev, head of MasterCard Europe office in Russia reported.

Managing director of OJSC “Aeroflot” Valery Okulov stated that this product combined experience and professionalism of Alpha-Bank and Aeroflot, recognized leaders of domestic economy in the spheres of their business, which should ensure success of the Aeroflot-MasterCard-Alpha-Bank card and demand for it on the Russian market. Aeroflot-MasterCard-Alpha-Bank card expands products range offered both for Alpha-Bank and Aeroflot clients.

«We enjoy cooperation with Aeroflot and MasterCard, for us it is an opportunity to make our bank better and more convenient for the customers, to become a bank for successful people,” – Petr Aven, Alpha-Bank President, stressed.

Alpha-Bank was founded in 1990. Alpha-Bank is a full service bank, implementing all major banking transactions, provided on the financial services market, including servicing of private and corporate clients, investment banking business, trade funding and assets management.

Alpha-bank is one of the largest banks in Russia in terms of the assets and equity capital. In accordance with audited IAS results for the first half of 2005, assets of “Alpha-Bank” group, which includes subsidiary banks and financial companies, amounted to USD8.2bn, net profit reached USD87.3m, equity equaled to USD776.1m and advances portfolio amounted to USD4.9bn for the reported period.

Alpha-Bank serves about 50,000 corporate clients and more than 1.3m physical entities. Approximately 110 branches and subsidiaries of the bank are open in Moscow, Russian regions and abroad, including subsidiary banks in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands, as well as in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. The representative offices of the bank work in Great Britain and the US. .

OJSC “Aeroflot-Russian Airlines” (RTS: AFTL) is the largest Russian airline with 51% state share. It was established in 1923. It controls about 11 per cent of domestic and 39 per cent of international air carriages’ market in Russia. Aeroflot’s net income amounted to RUR 6330.1m (USD219m) in 2004. It is included in the list of the 25 leading world airlines based on the financial performance (according to ATW). In 2005 Aeroflot carried 6.707m passengers. The aircraft fleet consists of 83 airplanes. Aeroflot is based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport. The company targets to finish construction of its own terminal “Sheremetyevo-3” by the end of 2007. Please look for the detailed information about the company at www.aeroflot.ru, www.aeroflotbonus.ru.

MasterCard International is the largest international payment system, which offers a wide range of innovative services to support credit, deposit, electronic, business-to-business and other payment programs, implemented by its members.

Mastercard International manages emission programs of a whole set of well-known payment card brends, accepted for payment all over the world, such as MasterCard®, Maestro® and Cirrus®. It also provides services for financial institutions, physical entities and enterprises in more than 210 countries and regions of the world.

It was granted international awards in the sphere of marketing and advertising. Currently advertising campaign Priceless is conducted in 105 countries of the world in 48 languages, which allows MasterCard brend to be one of the most widely known and recognized brends in the world.

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MasterCard International – www.mastercardinternational.com


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