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Company News

01 February 2006

In JSC "Aeroflot"'s Board of Directors

February 01, 2006, Moscow - at the meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC "Aeroflot" held on January 31 of this year the issue of "On Condition of Flight Safety of JSC "Aeroflot". The level of the flight safety for the last year estimated in accordance with international standards was 99.96% which figure exceeds same parameter for the previous years. The average mean-time-between-failures increased from 3784 in 2004 to 4887 in 2005.

The Board of Directors supported position of aviation company's Management to give highest priority to the issues of the aircraft flight capability maintenance, observation of recommendations set forth by international operation safety audit performed by IATA-IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audi) in JSC "Aeroflot", and certification of the company's major activities in compliance with IOSA standard. The Board of Directors adopted resolution to appeal to Minpromenergo of Russian Federation to draw attention of Ilyushin 96-300 aircraft developers and manufacturers to the necessity of strict observation of the "List of aviation industry measures on elimination of admonition made on operation of Ilyushin-96-300 aircraft".

The analyses of the activity of Aeroflot on maintaining of the highest flight safety level indicate necessity of improvement of actual statutory basis governing the issues of investigation and classification of flight incidents, primarily the necessity of development of new statutory documents which application would provide control of the quality of spare parts supplied to aviation companies.

The emergency of such documents as well as of adoption of other urgent and effective measures are conditioned by growing number of infringing article supplied to aviation companies. There is a need in effective Federal law actions focused on withdrawal and utilization of infringing products.

According opinion of Aeroflot's specialists supported by the Board of Directors it is essential to create united catalogue of certified spare parts manufactured by Russian aviation industry allowed for use by domestic aviation carriers.

In addition to that the Board considered "Strategy program of JSC Aeroflot aircraft fleet development for the period of up to 2010" presented by company's Management. This program is aimed at provision of competitiveness of the company on the international air transportation market and meeting of demand of Russian citizens and organizations in cross-country and international flights. Presented strategic program of aircraft fleet development (renewal, upgrade) is focused on provision in mid term perspective of stable level of non-loss operation. The program considers capabilities of Russian aviation industry on meeting of aviation companies' demand on effective aircraft, as well as existing arrangements on purchasing by Aeroflot of at least 30 regional class jets (RRJ) manufactured by Sukhoy OKB and 6 Ilyushin 96-300 aircraft. Upon discussion of perspective long range aircraft tender it was detailed that the winner's name should be announced during the signing of contractual documents.

Resulting from detailed discussion the Management and Strategy Committee ware committed to concretize some sections of the Program and support conceptual provisions with economic estimates, and to prepare and present to the Board alternative variants stipulating perspective developments of Russian aviation industry. It was once again suggested to analyze current situation in connection with possible cancellation (reduction) of VAT and customs duties induced for temporary imported leased foreign made aircraft.

The Board of Directors approves the measures on rapid implementation of e-ticketing and further development of web-booking technologies and ticket sales using Sabre software through the Internet.

The necessity to come to e-ticketing technologies is conditioned by the following:

  • requirement of IATA on conversion onto e-ticketing technology to the year of 2007;
  • Sky Team alliance requirements with regard of Interline e-ticketing;
  • Decreasing of the company's expenses (refuse from paper tickets, expensive ticket printers, etc.);
  • Implementation of competitive services (Internet based sales, chick-in and booking kiosks, etc.);
  • Widening of ticket sales geography.

At the same time existing statutory base does not allow circulation of electronic tickets in Russia. In order to resolve statutory problem following undertakings are made by the company:
detailed legal analyses of existing statutory and regulation base are made, and the draft of "Regulations on Requirement to the Electronic Ticket as the air transportation document";
The Ministry of Transportation of Russian Federation is provided with the reasons for essentiality of electronic ticketing implementation and drafts of relevant regulations;
Consolations with International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and Air Transport Operators Association are carried out.

Results of the analyses of existing Russian Federation statutory base show that the issuing of electronic tickets is possible by means of development and approval by the Ministry of Transportation of Russian Federation of "Regulations on Requirement to the Electronic Ticket as the air transportation document" to be approved by the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation.

The above circumstances condition the decision to commit to Okulov V. M., General Director, to appeal on behalf of the Board of Directors to the Ministry of Transportation of Russia and other executive agencies with proposals on improvement (establishing) of relevant statutory regulations to establish proper legal conditions for implementation of electronic aviation ticket within the nearest time.

The Management informed the Board of Directors about the execution of "JSC Aeroflot flights to Vietnam Socialist Republic" decision. Regular flights on Moscow - Hanoi - Moscow route are planned to be recommenced starting February 20, 2006. Flight schedule will be available through the booking system. All required preparatory work is done.

The Board of Directors reviewed results of analyses of changes in JSC Aeroflot route network made within the last 5 years.

The Board of Directors supports plans suggested by the Management of the company to provide passengers with capability to flight to the majority of the cities all over the world, and to develop convenient and economically reasonable network of own routes and to cooperate with partner aviation companies. Following tasks are defined as strategic:

  • Establishing of widespread network of frequent flight routes in Russia and in Europe;
  • Execution of the flights on a major part of flight routes with minimum frequency of 7 flights a week;
  • Establishing of Aeroflot's long range flight network with priority destination points in America and Asia;
  • Decreasing of amount of flights with intermediary landings with total refuse from them in the future;
  • Intensive involvement of transit passengers flows from Russia to Europe;
  • Use advantages of Russia's geographical location for international transit flights;
  • Provide average connecting flights waste time for transit passengers down to maximum 1.5 hours;
  • Cooperation with other aviation companies with the purpose of establishing of passengers' transportation to the majority cities around the world.

The Board of Directors supports new cross-country and international flights planned to be established by the Management basing on available aircraft fleet and in consideration of Aeroflot' relevant commercial rights granted to the company by Russian Federation as the designated air carrier to the new Sheremetyevo hub to be fully commissioned in 2008.