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Company News

14 February 2006

Aeroflot, JSC Was Distinguished For Successful Social Programmes

14 February, 2006, Moscow. - Today in Kremlin, Aeroflot, JSC was named the best company nominated for leadership in "Implementation of social programmes", as part of final events devoted to the nationwide competition "Russian organization of high social effectiveness".

The competition was organized by the Ministry of Economy and Development and the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development after the respective directive was issued by the federal government.

Over 600 various organizations took part in the competition.

The competition was primarily focused on promotion of experience in dealing with social issues and improvement of productiveness among Russian manufacturers and other businesses.

Aeroflot was awarded the first prize for its particularly effective social programme implemented as part of the Collective agreement, including the extensive employee benefit package.

In 2005, Aeroflot was widely recognized as an effective company with a wealth of achievements in the area of social responsibility, launching and supporting a number of social programmes:

  • "Air-bridge Kaliningrad - Moscow" - Aeroflot offers reduced-price services to Kaliningrad residents.
  • "Support of socially challenged population" - annual action when invalids and veterans of WW II are offered free flights, and health and recreation institutions receive support in transportation of children and invalids to hospitals in Europe and the US.
  • "Support of culture" - support of Russia-based festivals and Russian cultural events abroad; partnership the Moscow State Conservatoire and the House of Music.
  • "Support of sport" - Aeroflot is a partner of the Russian Olympic Committee; being an active promoter of healthy lifestyle, Aeroflot bans smoking on all boards and encourages the professional growth of its own teams.
  • "Support of Education and Science" - special-price services, carrying distinguished school graduates to Moscow from distant localities in Russia, to help them get to high schools in the capital.
Aeroflot Russian Airlines, JSC (RTS: AFLT), the largest Russian carrier with 51% owned by the government, was established in 1923.The company controls over 11% of the local shorthaul, and 39% of international operation in Russia. The company cited RUR6330.143 million net profit last year (US$219 million). Aeroflot is member of 25 top global carriers (ATV version), passenger loads reaching 6.862 million people in 2004. The company has 90 aircrafts, its main office is based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport, and the company plans to open its own terminal (Sheremetyevo - 3) by 2007.