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16 February 2006

Aeroflot's Service Enhancement Programme Won International Recognition

16 February, 2006, Moscow - In a poll organized by the renowned UK-based SkyTrax Research, Aeroflot was named the leader in "Onboard Service Improvement Excellence" in 2005 among 95 aircarriers worldwide, winners in other nominations including Cathay Pacific Airways, Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines.

Starting in 2003, Aeroflot has maintained focus on service enhancement for high-class passengers, ensuring maximum comfort during flights. The company efforts have been appreciated as 12-million passenger poll by SkyTrax voted Aeroflot the second best airlines in the Central and Eastern Europe.

In November, 2005 Aeroflot was awarded a golden medal as the "Brand of the Year /EFFIE - 2005".

Among the innovations introduced by the company are comfortable reclinable cocoon-seats for longhaul Boeing-767 aircrafts; passengers can take advantage of an individual DigEplayer, offering up to 30 movies and over 100 hours of music for onboard entertainment.

With effect in summer schedule, Aeroflot is launching new enhanced-comfort classes of services: "Premier" for European routes, "President" for longhaul services, and "Kommersant" for improved medium-haul economy-class services.

The recognition of Aeroflot's achievements by the Skytrax award confirms the effectiveness of the company's heavy investment in quality service and innovations aimed at enhancing the competitive edge of the aircarrier market-wide, pointed out Yevgeniy Bachurin, Commercial Director at Aeroflot, JSC.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines, JSC (RTS: AFLT), the largest Russian carrier with 51% owned by the government, was established in 1923.The company controls over 11% of the local shorthaul, and 39% of international operation in Russia. The company cited RUR6330.143 million net profit last year (US$219 million). Aeroflot is member of 25 top global carriers (ATV version), passenger loads reaching 6.862 million people in 2004. The company has 90 aircrafts, its main office is based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport, and the company plans to open its own terminal (Sheremetyevo - 3) by 2007.

Find more poll results at SkyTrax website: http://www.airlinequality.com/2006/SkytraxAwds.htm.

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