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22 February 2006

Saw Closing Ceremony Of The Fifth International Chess Tournament AEROFLOТ OPEN 2006

16 February 2006, Moscow hosted the closing ceremony of the fifth international chess tournament AEROFLOT OPEN 2006, organized by Aeroflot together with the Association of Chess Federations and the Moscow Tourism Board.

In the recent years the tournament won recognition in the chess community worldwide, becoming a popular regular event. 630 chess players from 58 countries took part in the tournament, of which 130 were international grand masters.

Intensive competition for leadership ceased only when the last game was played, Zhobova Baadur, a grand master from Georgia, emerging as the winner entitled to the nearest regular super-tournament in Dortmund.

Other prizes were awarded to grand masters Bologan Viktor (Moldova) and Sashikiran Krishnan (India).

The youngest chess player, an 8-year old Semyon Filatov, received a present from Aeroflot and the Association of Chess Federations - a model of an aircraft.

Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, JSC awarded prizes and congratulated winners in the Izmaylovo tourist center. The closing ceremony was attended by prominent chess players, champions of old days, members of the panel of judges, representatives of the Association and the Moscow Tourism Board.