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22 May 2006

Aeroflot To Carry Family Archive Of Great Russian Philosopher Ivan Ilyin To Russia From The Us

As of today, Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, JSC will start a charity action and carry the family archive of the famous Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin, unique documents and priceless records of significant events of the Russian history, from New York to Moscow.

The remains of Ilyin and his wife were brought to Russia and reburied in the necropolis of the Svyato-Donskoy Monastery in Moscow in October 2005, receiving a Russia-wide response and encouraging the civil and pacifist movement to renew their calls for peoples’ unity.

A special group organised on the initiative of Russian president Vladimir Putin has been working on the project of immortalizing the heritage of Ivan Ilyin for two years, and the return of his archive is an important part of this project.

22 May the work group of 5 experts is flying to New York on the Aeroflot’s SU-315 service, returning to Russia with the precious documents on 27 May on board of the SU-316 flight.

Ilyin’s heritage is huge, with over 40 books and brochures, more than 600 articles, 100 lectures, a wealth of letters, a number of unfinished writings, poems, humorous poems and stories, memoirs, and other documents earlier stored in various archives internationally.

After the death of Ilyin’s wife in 1963, the archive was carried to the US and stored at the University of Michigan, comprising 100 crates with documents weighing around 300 kg. According to the philosopher’s last will, the archive should have been donated to the Moscow State University.

Aeroflot is running an active charity programme, sponsoring the Russian culture and offering gratuitous help to Russian artists and researchers. The return of the precious documents from the Ilyin’s archive will help enrich the national historical records and strengthen the relationship among compatriots and reinforce the Russian society.