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Company News

26 May 2006

Aeroflot to Launch New Services to Novosibirsk

Starting 1 June 2006, Aeroflot will operated additional daily flight SU805/806 on route Moscow – Novosibirsk – Moscow, with regard to the following schedule: departure from Moscow at 10.10 am, arrival to Novosibirsk at 5 pm, departure from Novosibirsk at 6.20 pm, arrival to Moscow at 7.30 pm (local time), on a daily basis excluding Sundays.

Aeroflot is also considering operation on route Moscow – Novosibirsk – Magadan, with interline transfers at the Tolmachyovo airport, to carry passengers and cargoes to Moscow and other destinations in Russia and abroad.

The launch of the second daily flight to Novosibirsk, as well as the projected service to Magadan, are in line with the Aeroflot’s programmes for improving coverage in the Eastern Siberia and Far East, said Vladimir Antonov, Aeroflot’s First operational deputy CEO. The company is also planning to recruit more staff in order to enhance the service quality in its Novosibirsk office.

During the negotiations between Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, JSC and Airport Tolmachyovo, JSC (based in Novosibirsk), the companies outlines the strategy of cooperation and agreed on establishing an end-to-end transit passenger registration service in Tolmachyovo for Aeroflot’s passenger flying via the Sheremetyevo international airport, while the carrier promised to install the necessary additional equipment.

Aeroflot is considering Novosibirsk as a major transport hub servicing return flights from Moscow to destinations in Siberia, the Far East. The company’s programme includes projects for improving shorthaul coverage in the regions, pointed out Antonov.

During the negotiations, the chiefs of Aeroflot, JSC and Tolmachyovo, JSC confirmed their interest in the mutual operation in the region.