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Company News

22 June 2006

Aeroflot To Summarize The Activities For May And Five Months Of 2006

"Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" summarized the result of the activities of the company for May and five months of 2006.

In May 2006 the aviation company delivered 592,9 thousand of passengers (including 3.3 thousand by charter flights) and 11.1 thousand tones of mail and cargo loads. The company accomplished 1 billion 752 million of passenger/kilometers and 224.7 million of tones/kilometers.

In May the percentage of commercial load was 55.9 %, percentage of the use of passengers' seats is 68.3 %.

For five months of 2006 Aeroflot delivered 2 million 533 thousand of passengers and 54.4 thousand tones of mail and cargo loads, accomplished 7 billion 837 million of passengers/kilometers and 1 billion 043 million of tones/kilometers.

Percentage of the use of the passengers' seats was 67.8 %, percentage of commercial load is  56.6 %.

In comparison with the similar period of the previous year the volume of works has increased in terms of passengers transportation, passengers turnover, while having decreased in terms of mail and cargo delivery, corresponding figures comprise: for passengers' turnover - 100.5 % (+36.5 million passenger/kilometers), for passengers' transportation - 103.3 % (+81.4 thousand passengers), for tones/kilometers - 99.2 % (-8.6 million tones/kilometers), for mail transportation - 92.9 % (-134.6 tones), for cargo loads transportation -  90.3 % (- 5630.7 tones).

 Actual flying time for all aircraft types has increased by 0.2% in comparison with 2005. Financial results of the company's activities comply with those scheduled.