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Company News

04 July 2006

Aeroflot Launches Flights To Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

On July 3 JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" has launched regular flights on the route Moscow - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Moscow. The SU-895/896 flights will be carried out twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays on Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

Departure from Sheremetyevo-1 at 01:05. Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at 200:55 (Local time).

Departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at 19:10. Arrival to Sheremetyevo-1 at 20:55 (Local time).

Boeing 767-300 aircraft' saloon layout incorporates 30 business class seats and 188 economic class seats. Business class sections are equipped with horizontally spreadable comfortable cocoon type chairs.

Aeroflot ensures competitive conditions for passengers, both in terms of ticket cost and in terms of flight duration (averagely 70 minutes less extended). Safety conditions and service level correspond to those of the highest international standards - in May 2006 Aeroflot became a first and the one and only Russian operator complying with the requirements of IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) standard. Upon completion of the year 2005 the authoritative international research organization SkyTrax has admitted Aeroflot as the best airline in "Onboard Service Improvement Excellence" nomination.

With launching of the new flight the residents of Sakhalinskaya Oblast will be able to travel from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to 728 destinations in 149 countries round the world with the flights offered by SkyTeam aviation alliance, affiliated by Aeroflot as the member company. Convenient connections and unified frequent flyer bonus programs are available on all flights made by Air France, CSA, KLM, Delta, AeroMexico, Alitalia, Korean Air, NWA, Continental Airlines aviation companies.

Aeroflot' plans stipulate building-up of conveyances in Eastern Russia, establishing of flight network reference points in Siberian and Far East regions. The work in this direction would facilitate realization of the potential of Russia as the transit power, will strengthen its positions as the transportation bridging link between Europe, Asia and America. Aeroflot 's current task in this connection is to establish regional subsidiary company through the consolidation of a range of Far East aviation enterprises.

The model of consolidation of Aeroflot and Far East aviation companies stipulates development of local airlines within the region, establishing of common major long distance aviation company on a basis of the existing separate air carriers, which would have a potential for development of socially essential local aviation conveyances.

Objective of Aeroflot is to provide the new quality level in arranging of networked conveyances, as well as to secure reliable transportation ties with Russian regions, in the maximum possible degree implementing transportation potential of Russia on the routes connecting European and Asian continents.

To plan your trip, to get additional information and to book your ticket you can on the phone: 8-800-333-55-55 round the clock, toll free number of Aeroflot' Information and Ticketing Center. Moscow call-center phone number: (495) 223-5555.

JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”. Based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport. The company was founded in 1923. Currently is the biggest Russian aviation company controlling about 11% of domestic and 39% of international transportation markets of Russia. Aeroflot is the member of global aviation alliance Sky Team, elected by the readers of Global Traveler magazine as the "Best aviation alliance". In 2005 Aeroflot delivered 6,8 million of passengers in 89 destinations in 47 countries around the world. Net profit of the company in 2005 was 6.032 billion Rubles. Having a fleet of 88 vehicles Aeroflot performs 302 flights a day. More details about the company are available at: www.aeroflot.ru and www.skyteam.com