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Company News

23 August 2006

Informational Message

In connection with the crash of Tu-154M aircraft near Donetsk Aeroflot has expressed condolence to the staff of “Pulkovo” Airlines, owner of this plane, as well as to the relatives and friends of the crash victims.

The Aeroflot flee numbers 25 in-house Tu-154M airliners and two leasehold planes meant for 14 business-class and 117 economy-class seats. All the aircrafts are in flyable status and have the service life potential until 2010.

The average daily flying time of Aeroflot Tu-154M amounts to 8-10 hours depending on the season. The aircrafts are served by the Aeroflot aviation maintenance center according to the procedure providing annual complex technical maintenance of aircrafts on one of the aviation repair bases.

Tu-154M aircrafts are equipped with reliable engines D-30 KU-154. Taking into consideration the made improvements of noise figures and radio navigation aids, Aeroflot Tu-154M pass the standards of the European Union.

For the last ten years the reliability level (absence of aircraft incidents) on Tu-154M, belonging to Aeroflot, has amounted to 99.90%. This index is the highest and corresponds to the indexes of the best airlines of the world under the world classification.

In May 2006 Aeroflot became the first Russian airline company to successfully implement the IATA Operational Safety Audit Program. Tu-154M operated by Aeroflot are the only planes in Russia that have been certified according to IOSA standard.