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Company News

24 October 2006

Aeroflot To Put Into Force Winter Time-Table

From October 29, 2006 the JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" effects the winter time-table which will remain in force till March 24, 2007.

In comparison with winter-table of the last year the flight network and Aeroflot schedule in a new season are essentially modified to optimize transit schemes, to shorten connection idle times in Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo-2 terminals, to increase the number of flights on the most demanded routes, which is made in consideration of supplemented aircraft fleet of the Company.

Taking advantages of both own flight network and the opportunities provided by the Company's partners, Aeroflot offers today the flights to destinations located in 53 countries of the world, from which own planes of the Company will deliver passengers to 90 destinations in 47 countries of the world, including 36 cities in Europe, 5 cities in USA, Canada and Cuba, 2 cities in Africa, 5 cities in Near and Middle East, 9 in Asia and 8 in CIS countries, 25 destinations in Russia.

The new schedule has enhanced frequency of flights to Tashkent - from 3 to 5 flights a week, Irkutsk - from 7 to 15 flights a week, Sochi - from 7 to 13 flights a week, Yekaterinburg - from 21 to 29 flights and Saint-Petersburg - from 7 to 61 flights. More frequent flights are now available on the international directions too: number of flights to Beijing has increased from 8 to 11, to Düsseldorf - from 14 to 17, to Roma and Milan - from 11 to 14, to Prague - from 10 to 14, to Warsaw - from 7 to 9, to Toronto - from 4 to 5, to Los-Angeles - from 3 to 4, to Nice - from 5 to 7.

There is a new flight will be launched this season on the route Moscow - Mineralnye Vody - Jidda (Saudi Arabia). No direct air transport communication between Russia and Saudi Arabia existed before.

The flights to 58 destinations will be completed in accordance with the code-sharing agreements signed with international aviation companies - Aeroflot's partners, as joint operation flights (25 destinations abroad and 22 destinations in Russia).

Winter timetable will be based on the flights of 72 Aeroflot' airplanes with relevant aircraft reserve.

Membership of Aeroflot in the international "SkyTeam" alliance ensures that the passengers may enjoy extended flight network and convenient connections provided by partner aviation companies.

JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”. Based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport. Founded in 1923. The biggest Russian aviation company controlling about 11% of domestic and 39% of international transportation markets of Russia. Member of global aviation alliance Sky Team, elected by the readers of Global Traveler magazine as the "Best aviation alliance". In 2005 Aeroflot delivered 6,8 million of passengers in 89 cities of 47 countries. Having a fleet of 90 vehicles Aeroflot performs 302 flights a day. More details about the company are available at: www.aeroflot.ru