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Company News

01 December 2006

AEROFLOT and GTK "RUSSIA" have signed code-sharing agreement

AEROFLOT and GTK "RUSSIA" have signed code-sharing agreement

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Valeriy Okulov and General Director of FGUP "GTK "RUSSIA" Sergey Mikhaltchenko have signed basic code-sharing agreement which considerable enhances capabilities of both companies in carrying the passengers both on domestic and international directions.

In December the companies will become entitled to use mutually their codes on the partner flights between Moscow (Sheremetyevo) and Saint-Petersburg, and in January 2007 same will be available for the flights from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg to destinations in Germany.

Joint carriage services between Moscow and northern capital will start on December 10 on Tupolev-154, A320 and Boeing 737-500 airplanes.

For the flights from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg both companies will allocate to each other by 4 reservations for each jointly operated flights in business class and by 25-30 seats in the economic class.  The above agreement based operation on this flight will enhance the offer up to 15-17 flights a day, which will also ensure convenient connections with almost any international and local Aeroflot flights in Sheremetyevo 1 and 2 and all avialble international and local flights of GTK "Russia". Aeroflot has joint carriage arrangements with 25 aviation companies, GTK "Russia" has same kind of arrangements with 21 companies.

To plan your own trip, to get more information, to book your tickets, please call 8-800-333-55-55 round the clock toll free phone of Aeroflot Information and Reservation Center. Moscow call-center phone number is (495) 223-5555, in Saint-Petersburg, please, call or fax 8 (812) 718-5555. For tickets on GTK "Russia" in Moscow, please, call (495) 995 -20-25, in Saint-Petersburg, call (812) 333-22-33.

JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”. Based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport. Founded in 1923. The biggest Russian aviation company controlling about 11% of domestic and 39% of international transportation markets of Russia. Member of global aviation alliance Sky Team, elected by the readers of Global Traveler magazine as the "Best aviation alliance". In 2005 Aeroflot delivered 6,8 million of passengers in 89 cities of 47 countries. Having a fleet of 83 vehicles Aeroflot performs 302 flights a day. Net profit of the company in 2005 was 6.032 billion Rubles. More details about the company are available at:  www.aeroflot.ru  and www.skyteam.com.

"Russia" Aviation Company - the biggest government owned transport company in Russia, the leading carrier in North-Western region of the country. Established by acquisition by GTK "Russia" of aviation company "Pulkovo", the company has started common flag marked flights in October 2006. Having combined the top class service and professionalism, regular flights and great deal of expertise in commercial conveyance the "Russia" company retains the experience gained for the years of aviation transport operations by both companies. In terms of passengers flow "Russia" is on the third place in the industry being the second Russian designated international carrier. "Russia" is the one and only company in the country possessing two airports - {ulkovo in Saint-Petersburg and Vnukovo in Moscow. "Russia" offers flights to more than 100 destinations allover the world, has 50 representative offices in Russia, CIS and foreign countries, operates the fleet of Boeing 737-500, Tupolev-214M, Tupolev -154, Tupolev -134, Ilyushin-86, Ilyushin -96-300, Ilyushin -62М, Yakovlev-40 airplanes. Today the GTK "Russia" means professional team, new technologies and commitment of the company's personnel to make your flight safe and pleasant. The company makes priorities on flight safety, excellent service, perfect technical conditions of the vehicles and widening of the geography of destinations. Official web site of the company: www.rissiya-airlines.com.