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Company News

14 December 2006

Aeroflot’s Ground Personnel Changes Its Uniform

“Aeroflot – Russian Airlines” OJSC presented today a new uniform for the airline’s employees of ground services and a new standard of uniform for flight crews and cockpit personnel. The uniform has been designed by the well-known Russian Fashion House of Victoria Andreyanova.

The uniform of the cockpit and ground personnel is not just functionality but also an important element of the brand expressively reflecting its corporate value – Russian hospitality, kindliness and sincerity. The uniform is made of European half-woolen costume cloth. It is durable, crease resistant, hygroscopic and anelectric. The silhouette completely corresponds to the business function of the clothing.

A retro fashion show of Aeroflot air stewards’ uniform of different years took place within the bounds of the defile. Aeroflot uniform has always been the standard of style, elegance and time-spirit. These qualities were expressively demonstrated by the Aeroflot air stewards and by professional models.

In 2002 Aeroflot made decision to change its corporate colors within the bounds of the re-branding project and fixed upon the dark-blue, orange and silver. The color spectrum has been developed on the basis of numerous interviews with air passengers, airline’s management, air crew and employees of the ground services. It symbolizes the interrelation with Russia, warmth and hospitality.

In 2003 Aeroflot chose a new uniform for its air personnel according to the results of the contest participated by 11 leading native couturiers. The winner became the Russian designer, member of the High Fashion association, holder of two “Golden mannequins” Victoria Andreyanova. In the same year Aeroflot decorated the interiors of its aircrafts, uniform of pilots, air stewards, employees of the ground services, sales managers as well as all the important elements responsible for the corporate style in dark-blue, orange and silver.

Aeroflot pays considerable attention to the clothing of the air personnel. For example, the complete set of air steward’s uniform consists of 19 items: two middle-length skirts, three blouses, a knitted waistcoat and jacket, trousers, a coat, two silk scarves, a raincoat with a hood, a topcoat, a wide woolen tippet, a winter fur hat, an apron, a neckerchief, tights, leather gloves.

In 2004-2005 all the members of the on-board service personnel and employees of the flight complex changed their dresses to a new uniform, and the employees of the sales centers of air tickets, aviation safety services, airlift-airfield complex, representative offices abroad and within Russia – in 2005-2006.

Now the new color of the planes, new design of cabins, new service and new uniform keep to the unified recognizable Aeroflot style.