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Company News

18 December 2006

Aeroflot Increases Number Of Flights To Tchelyabinsk

Aeroflot increases the number of flights to the capital of South Ural Tchelyabinsk up to 6 flights a week.

Starting December 26 the SU899/890 flight Moscow - Tchelyabinsk - Moscow will be carried out daily, except Friday. Departure from Sheremetyevo-1 at 00-15, arrival to Tchelyabinsk at 04-45. Departure from Tchelyabinsk at 06-00, arrival to Sheremetyevo at 06-45 (local time). All flights will be made by Tupolev 134 airplanes.

The Ural region is one of the priority directions in realization of strategic plans of Aeroflot aimed at development of Russian market of aviation carriage. Average load of Tchelyabinsk flight is about 75%, which evidences the stable demand for air transportation services in this region.

Спланировать путешествие, получить дополнительную информацию и забронировать билеты можно по телефонам: 8-800-333-55-55 – круглосуточный бесплатный телефон Центра информации и бронирования Аэрофлота. В Москве телефон call-центра (495) 223-5555.

To plan your own trip, to get more information, to book your tickets, please call 8-800-333-55-55 round the clock toll free phone of Aeroflot Information and Reservation Center. Moscow call-center phone number is (495) 223-5555.

JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”. Based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport. Founded in 1923. The biggest Russian aviation company controlling about 11% of domestic and 39% of international transportation markets of Russia. Member of global aviation alliance Sky Team, elected by the readers of Global Traveler magazine as the "Best aviation alliance". In 2005 Aeroflot has delivered 6,8 million of passengers to 89 destination cities in 47 countries. Having a fleet of 88 vehicles Aeroflot performs 302 flights a day. Net profit of the company in 2005 was 6.032 billion Rubles. More details about the company are available at: www.aeroflot.ru and www.skyteam.com