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Company News

27 December 2010

Call for proposals

JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines encourages potential vendors to come up with their proposals on:

  • the provision of services in the Aeroflot sales offices concerning the introduction of payment facilities enabling customers to pay for tickets in cash;
  • the introduction and implementation of branding and commercial advertising for JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines in 2011 – 2012;
  • the provision of transportation services to JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines personnel commuting to/from Sheremetyevo Airport;
  • the supplies of uniforms and footwear for the personnel of JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines;
  • the supplies of stationery for the needs of JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

You can get the documentation necessary by sending your application questions to agarnov@aeroflot.ru or to the following postal address: Sheremetyevo 1 Airport, room 20, Purchasing Department, Moscow oblast, 141426, Russia.

Contact person: Garnov Aleksey Viktorovich

Tel.: (495) 578-0104, (499) 500-7230

Fax: (495) 544-3312