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Company News

17 August 2007

The Flag of the 62nd Guards Air Regiment is Entrusted to the Aeroflot’ Museum

In commemoration of the Day of the Air Fleet of Russia the combat flag of the 62nd Guards Air Regiment – one of the combat military units of the civil air fleet, formed during the Great Patriotic War - has been solemnly passed for custody from the Central Museum of the Armed Forces to the Museum of Aeroflot.

Many of Aeroflot’s pilots have been fighting against the enemy during the Great Patriotic War exactly under the flag of this regiment. Within the period of the Kursk Battle only the one medical squadron of this regiment has evacuated from combat fields 4284 wounded solders and delivered to the front hospitals 27 tones of preserved blood and two tones of medicaments. During the most heavy combat operation from 1942 through 1944 pilots of the regiment used to make from 40 to 65 daily missions evacuating wounded soldiers and delivering urgent military frights.

For their war honor, for their stout-heartedness and heroism exhibited during the Stalingrad Campaign, pursuant to the order of the National Commissar of Defense of the USSR No. 63 dated 08.02.1943 the 6th Detached Air Group of Civil Air Fleet has been transformed into the 62nd Guards Air Regiment of Civil Air Fleet. Lots of the Regiment’s pilots have been awarded with war decorations, and after the victory in the War they have being working in Aeroflot as civil pilots.

The Combat Flag will complete the exposition of the Aeroflot’ corporate museum – club in Sheremetyevo airport.

Aeroflot’ museum is located in the building of the Aeroflot’ Aviation Staff Training Center in Sheremetyevo-1. The museum is opened for visitors on working days from 10:00 till 18:00.