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Company News

21 August 2007

Aeroflot is the Co-Participant of MAX-2007 Air Show

Open Joint Stock Company “Aeroflot – Russian airlines” is takinkg part in the International air show MAX-2007 in the town of Zhukovsky during August 21-26, 2007. Within the air show framework Aeroflot will represent the most cutting-edge projects and technologies in the air security support, air staff training, aircraft maintenance, operational control organization and the implementation of quality management system and international security standards IOSA in the air space.

August 23 in the air show press conference hall №13 there will be arranged presentations of an Aeroengineering complex, Aerosecurity service and Aerflot Mission Control Centre:

12 a.m. – “On modern maintenance system of foreign and national airliners, including practical methods of aircraft condition diagnostics”. Reporter – engineering director – aeroengineering complex manager Y.I. Belykh;

2 p.m. – “On cutting-edge methods of aerosecurity support, including a unique “Mobile cynology complex” system”. Reporter – Deputy manager of aerospace service A.G.Zaripov;

3 p.m – “On mission control centre services on organisational support of aircraft flights”. Reporter – Mission Control Board manager general K.P.Plotnikov.

August 24 in the air show press conference hall №17 there will be arranged presentations of the Air staff training Centre and the Quality management department of the Open Joint Stock Company “Aeroflot”:

3.30 p.m. – “On Air staff training Centre services”. Reporter - Air staff training Centre manger general G.M.Prikhodchenko;

4.10 p.m. – “On Quality management system and IOSA audit”. Reporter - Quality management department manager general T.F.Turanskaya.

Undoubtedly, Open Joint Stock Company “Aeroflot – Russian airlines” (AFLT) is a Russain civil aviation leader, in fact, it is a national carrier. As the largest domestic air company, it annualy transports more than 7 million passengers, and, taking into consideration its affiliates, the figure is about 9 million, i.e. 23% of the total Russian aircraft passenger traffic. Having a 83-unit airfleet, the company conducts flights to 93 destinations of 47 countries (in aggregate-302 flights daily). The company has a 51% controlling interest of Russian regular international transporations market and about 12% of domestic airlines. In 2006 its net profit amounted to 7,9 billion RUR according to RAS (258,1 million USD according to IFRS).

Aeroflot has a long history, but today it is one of the most popular brand name commercial enterprises. It was founded in 1923, it’s situated in Moscow International Airport of Sheremet’evo. In 2006 Aeroflot became the first Russian airline to enter the global SkyTeam alliance. An integral alliance itinerary network amounts to 728 destinations in 149 countries, it provides Aeroflot passengers with an unlimited choice. Aeroflot clients are subject to bonus programms of all the alliance co-partners. For the information on the SkyTeam alliance benefits visit www.skyteam.com.

Aeroflot is the only Russiam certified opeartor of the International aircraft standard of job safety.

On www.aeroflot.ru you can book tickets for Aeroflot flights using on-line payment system, e-ticket technologies, and learn more about the airline.