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Company News

31 August 2007

Aeroflot Conducts Traditional Autumn Offer "Indian Summer! Hot discounts on www.aeroflot.ru!"

From 12th until 18th of September 2007 OJSC «Aeroflot – Russian Airlines» will sell air tickets for national and international transportation on special fares during 19th of September until 14th of December 2007.

Offer conditions cover only own flights of Aeroflot, and also marketing flights of partners of Aeroflot under code sharing-cooperation. Air tickets under the given tariffs can be purchased on Aeroflot web-sites and also in company’s own sale locations and in agent offices of Aeroflot on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. With this in order to stimulate new forms of sale air ticket prices, purchased through the Aeroflot web-sites, are significantly lower than those sold in offices.

The following tariffs are set in the frames of the offer:

Between Moscow, St. Petersburg (through Moscow) and Russian Federation destinations:

Place of departure Place of arrival Round Trip (RT), tariff through web purchase, Rub. Round Trip (RT), tariff for purchasing in office, Rub.
Moscow St. Petersburg, Volgograd 1600 1900
Moscow Astrakhan, Krasnodar, Samara, Kaliningrad, Chelyabinsk 1900 2500
Moscow Mineral Waters, Ufa 2300 2800
Moscow Anapa, Adler 2600 3300
Moscow Perm, Tumen 2800 3500
Moscow /St. Petersburg Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg 6000 6500
Moscow /St. Petersburg Barnaul, Kemerovo 5000 5500
Moscow /St. Petersburg Surgut 6500 7000
Moscow /St. Petersburg Nizhnevartovsk 5500 6000
Moscow /St. Petersburg Omsk 5500 6000
Moscow /St. Petersburg Irkutsk 6700 7200

From Moscow/St. Petersburg (through Moscow) to foreign destinations:

Place of departure Place of arrival Round Trip (RT), tariff through web purchase, EUROS Round Trip (RT), tariff for purchasing in office, EUROS
Moscow /St. Petersburg Berlin, Hamburg, Athens 99 119
Moscow /St. Petersburg Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Hannover, Vienna 129 149
Moscow /St. Petersburg Antalya 149 169
Moscow /St. Petersburg Brüssels, Geneva, Zürich, Kopenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo 169 189
Moscow /St. Petersburg London, Rome, Milan 189 209
Moscow /St. Petersburg Kiev, Dnipropetrovs’k 129 149
Moscow /St. Petersburg Yerevan 139 169
Moscow /St. Petersburg Dubai, Teheran 229 249
Moscow /St. Petersburg Damask 149 169
Moscow /St. Petersburg Beijing, Delhi, Mumbai 329 349

From foreign destination points to Moscow/St. Petersburg (through Moscow)

Place of departure Place of arrival Round Trip (RT), tariff through web purchase Round Trip (RT), tariff for purchasing in office
Berlin, Hamburg Moscow /St. Petersburg 99 EURO 129 EURO
Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Hannover, Brüssels Moscow /St. Petersburg 129 EURO 149 EURO
Rome, Milan Moscow /St. Petersburg 159 EURO 179 EURO
Kopenhagen Moscow /St. Petersburg 1300 krone 1500 krone
London Moscow /St. Petersburg 85 pounds 99 pounds
Oslo Moscow /St. Petersburg 1600 krone 1800 krone
Stockholm Moscow /St. Petersburg 1100 крон 1300 krone
Kiev, Dnipropetrovs’k Moscow /St. Petersburg 129 USD 149 USD
Teheran Moscow /St. Petersburg 209 USD 239 USD
Damask Moscow /St. Petersburg 10550 pounds 11980 pounds

International route tariffs (through Moscow)

Place of departure Place of arrival Round Trip (RT), tariff through web purchase Round Trip (RT), tariff for purchasing in office
Omsk Frankfurt, Hannover 279 EURO 299 EURO
Frankfurt, Hannover Omsk 279 EURO 299 EURO
Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg 229 EURO 249 EURO
Novosibirsk Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover 229 EURO 249 EURO
London Novosibirsk 235 pounds 250 pounds
Novosibirsk London 370 EURO 399 EURO
Teheran London 299 USD 329 USD
Teheran Toronto 649 USD 689 USD
Toronto Kiev 655 Canadian dollars -
Toronto Yerevan, Teheran 730 Canadian dollars -
Toronto Delhi, Mumbai 870 Canadian dollars -

Terms of application:

  • Payment of transportation under PTA (payment abroad and receiving the ticket in Russia) is not conducted;
  • Tariffs are valid for transportation «there and back».
  • Combination of arrival locations and return flight is allowed in the frames of one country, (for example: Moscow - Berlin – groundborn part – Frankfurt - Moscow);
  • Sales period 12th - 18th September 2007.
  • Transportation by destinations can be initiated during the period of 19th September – 14th December 2007. Transportation must be finished no later than 20th of December 2007.*
    * During the period of 27th of October – 03rd of November reservation of route segments is excluded in the destination of Moscow - European terminal (excluding CIS countries terminals).
    * During the period of 04th of November – 11th of November reservation of route segments is excluded in the destination of European terminals (excluding CIS countries terminals) - Moscow
  • Maximum duration of stay in the destination location – 1 month, minimum duration – rule of proximate Sunday, meaning, that the passenger must return to the location of initial transportation no earlier than first Sunday from the day of departure to the arrival location;
  • Reservation must be conducted in the reservation code –U- no earlier than 09-00 Moscow time 12th September. Issue of air tickets must be conducted during 24 hours from the moment of reservation;
  • For an air ticket, purchased under the given tariff, route changes, refund of ticket price, changes of the departure and arrival dates are all not permitted;
  • Reissue of ticket for a higher tariff is not permitted;
  • Discount for babies under 2 years of age on international flights – 90% (without provision of separate seat) Discount for babies under 2 years of age on national flights -100% (without provision of separate seat), discounts for children form 2 to 12 years of age are not provisioned.

It is possible, in any company office or Aeroflot agents on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, to choose correct flight destination, purchase the ticket and to find out more about the offer, and also on the website www.aeroflot.ru

As web-тариф is significantly lower, air company recommends, for saving time and money, to purchase electronic tickets to those destinations, where this technology is supported. For this simply print the route bill, which is sent to e-mail after payment is received by the company, and come to the airport for registration on to your flight.

Number of seats under the given tariff is limited!

To plan the journey, receive additional information and reserve tickets you just need to call: 8-800-333-55-55 – 24 hour free call-Center for information and reservation of Aeroflot tickets. Moscow call-Center (495) 223-5555.

OJSC «Aeroflot – Russian airlines» (AFLT) is undisputed leader of commercial aviation of Russia, true national transport operator. As the largest air company of the country, it transports more than 7 million people a year, and with subsidiary companies around 9 million i.e. 23% of the total Russian air transport passengers. Having in possession an air park which consists of 81 airborne vehicles, conducts personal flights to 93 destinations in 47 countries, (total – 302 flights a day). Controls 51% of Russian market of regular international transportation and about 12% of domestic transportation. Net profit for 2006 accumulated to 7,9 billion rubles (258,1 million dollars by International Accounting Standards).

Aeroflot – is one of the oldest air companies and one of the most famous commercial brands in the world. Company was founded in 1923, its headquarters in Moscow, in international airport of Sherem’etevo. In 2006 Aeroflot became the first Russian air company to be part of a global alliance SkyTeam. United destination network of the alliance consists of 728 destinations in 149 countries, which in turn offers to the passengers of Aeroflot limitless variety of choice. Clients of Aeroflot are also eligible for bonus programs of all partners of the alliance. Information of the advantages of participation in the alliance SkyTeam – on the website www.skyteam.com.

Aeroflot is the only certified operator of international aviation standards of operational safety IATA (International Air Travel Association) Operational Safety Audit in Russia.

On the website www.aeroflot.ru it is possible to purchase tickets for Aeroflot flights with the use of on-line payments, technology of electronic ticket, and to find out more about the air company.