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Company News

16 November 2007

Sheremetyevo 3

Open Society "Terminal" realizing the civil-engineering design of an aerostation complex (AVK) the Sheremetyevo-3, became the winner of the first independent award in the field of the Russian architecture and development ARX Awards in a nomination «the Best object of transport infrastructure». ARX Awards – the project directed on advancement of modern high-quality architecture and a formulation of universal language for all who is included in process of creation of object of the real estate, - from its early investment stage through development and building up to a management and operation stage...

In the award ceremony held at Moscow hotel The Ritz-Carlton Moscow, 150 leading representatives of the market of development and architecture, building and consulting companies of Russia participated. Selection of nominees was carried out by authoritative expert council, among which world famous architects, the Russian architectural authorities conducting the Russian developers and town-planners Organizers of the award had developed the an extensive system of criteria on which the expert council evaluated nominees, awarding certain quantity of points on each of criteria. The independent supervising over the process was carried out by auditor company Ernst and Young, having specialized department of consultation services in the real estate and actively working on this market.

With introduction of the Terminal 3 Sheremetyevo becomes first in Russia high-grade hub - the international air transfer knot. According to the general director of Open Society "Terminal" Cyril Budaev, design team had a task to design a bright expressive building of the new terminal which will become the main air gate of Russia. The shape of a huge swan with open wings is architecturally-artistic image put in a basis, as though carefully protecting passengers both symbolizing rich cultural and air traditions of Russia. Arriving passengers through the transparent gallery come to the zone of passport control located under a huge glass dome, which has a shape of a flower. Drawing of an internal surface of a dome was born from an image of the people who have joined hands. The basic internal spaces of the airport are formed by the smooth forms creating sensation of calmness and reliance. A forecasted date of completion of object and delivery in to operation – 2008. Total surface area of the building – 172 000 sq.m.

Open Society "Terminal" has been created in November 200. as the special purpose company (SPC), to which Open Society "Aeroflot" has transmitted the rights and the responsibilities connected with realization of the Project. Open Society "Terminal" shares belong to Open Society "Aeroflot", Open Society "Foreign Trade Bank" and Open Society "Vneshekonombank".