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Company News

05 December 2007


December, 5th, 2007, Moscow. –president of Open Society "RR" Vladimir Yakunin and general director of Open Society «Aeroflot –Russian airlines» Valery Okulov have signed the protocol on intentions on the organization of mixed transportations of passengers by railway and air transport with use of systems of sales of transportations of Aeroflot and RR.

According to the protocol the joint working group is formed which will offer technological scheme of the project, and planned schedule of actions.

Project purpose – creation of the system allowing the passenger with a through ticket to carry out their trip by railway and by air. In the given system it is assumed to involve all points of sales of the companies.

Further, for realization of the developed project, Open Society "Aeroflot" and Open Societies "RR" will conclude a contract on the organization of the mixed transportations of passengers by railway and air transport.

Open joint-stock company «Russian railways» is one of the largest railway companies in the world with enormous volumes of cargo and passenger transportations, possessing high financial ratings qualified by experts in all areas of a railway transportation, big scientific and technical base, design and building capacities, considerable experience of the international cooperation.

Open Society "RR" is founded by the Government of the Russian Federation – the governmental order of the Russian Federation from September, 18th, 2003 № 585 «On creation of open joint-stock company «Russian railways ». Company creation has been carried out according to the governmental order of the Russian Federation from May, 18th, 2001 № 384 «On the program of structural reform on a railway transportation» and is a result of the first stage of reforming of railway branch. The activity of Open Society "RR" began on October, 1st, 2003.

Company mission consists in satisfaction of market demand for transportations, increase of efficiency of activity, quality of services and deep integration into the Euroasian transport system.

Overall objectives of activity of the company- satisfying demand of the state, legal and physical persons in rail transportation, works and services rendered by rail, and also profit extraction.

The corporate structure includes branches and company representations, affiliated and dependent societies, whose actions and shares have been brought in the authorized capital of the company at its creation, and also the affiliated societies created in the course of reforming.

The Russian railways are one of the largest transport systems of the world – exploitation area – 85,5 thousand in km.

Open Society "RR" has first place in the world on extent of the electrified lines – 42,3 thousand in km.

Open Society "RR" provides 39 % of a cumulative turnover of goods (taking into account pipeline transport) and over 41 % of passenger turnover.

Annually the company transports more than 1,3 million tons of cargoes and over 1,3 million passengers.

The net profit in 2006 has constituted 26 billion rubles.

Official website of Open Society "RR" - www.rzd.ru

Open Joint Stock Company «Aeroflot – Russian airlines» (AFLT) is undisputed leader of commercial aviation of Russia, true national transport operator. As the largest air company of the country, it transports more than 7 million people a year, and with subsidiary companies around 9 million i.e. 23% of the total Russian air transport passengers. Having in possession an air park which consists of 81 airborne vehicles, conducts personal flights to 93 destinations in 47 countries, (total – 302 flights a day). Controls 51% of Russian market of regular international transportation and about 12% of domestic transportation. Net profit for 2006 accumulated to 7,9 billion rubles (258,1 million dollars by International Accounting Standards).

Aeroflot – is one of the oldest air companies and one of the most famous commercial brands in the world. Company was founded in 1923, its headquarters in Moscow, in international airport of Sherem’etevo. In 2006 Aeroflot became the first Russian air company to be part of a global alliance SkyTeam. United destination network of the alliance consists of 728 destinations in 149 countries, which in turn offers to the passengers of Aeroflot limitless variety of choice. Clients of Aeroflot are also eligible for bonus programs of all partners of the alliance. Information of the advantages of participation in the alliance SkyTeam – on the website www.skyteam.com.

Aeroflot is the first Russian airline, certified as operator of international aviation standards of operational safety IATA (International Air Travel Association) Operational Safety Audit in Russia.

On the website www.aeroflot.ru it is possible to get tickets for flights of Aeroflot with use of on-line payments, technology of electronic ticket, and also to learn about the airline.

Department of public relations Open Society "Aeroflot"

(495) 752 9071, 903 9820

Department of corporate communications Open Society "RR"

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